07-10 February 2025


Gastronomy Workshop

Gastronomy Workshop from the Chef’s Club of Greece

Gastronomy Day from the Chefs Club of Greece 

Trends and innovations in the catering industry as well as new culinary habits were at the center of the Gastronomy Workshop held by the Chef’s Club of Greece on February 11 at the HORECA 2024 exhibition. The reason for the innovations in catering equipment, applications in the kitchen, green gastronomy and its applicability to the Greek context, Medical Cooking, Gastrotourism & Wine Tourism. 

The program started with the following speakers: Panos Moraitis – President of SEAME & Owner of FRESH MORAITIS Ltd., Lila Karapostoli – Head of Public Relations of SEAME & Owner of COOKING LESSONS school, Cleopatra Lambrou – Sales Director of Cooking Hellas and Tasso Ragousis – Executive chef. All of them spoke about Innovations in catering equipment and applications in the kitchen, giving attendees many ideas for improving their professional machines. 

Then the baton was taken by: Sofia Axonidis – Eat4Change WWF program manager, Panagiotis Voukelatos – Executive Chef and Dr. Filippos Kyrkitsos – President of the Ecological Society of Recycling / Zero Waste HORECA, who mentioned all the latest news in “green” gastronomy (Food Waste & Sustainability). Subsequently, the interest of the public was “sparked” by Medical Cooking, as a therapeutic method and in particular the approach to diseases based on the modern way of cooking. The issue in question was successfully analyzed by: Dionysia Voutsa – Clinical Dietitian Nutritionist MSc, Yannis Kaklis – Executive Chef – HEALTH, and Thomas Bakodimos – Executive chef-Dietetic Applications Specialist-Beverage & Food Technology Executive. 

Afterwards, Yannis Giannakakis – CEO & Co Founder of Athens Walking Tours, Miltos Karoumbas – co-owner of MYKONIAN FARM RESTAURANT & THE WHITE MONK RESTAURANT and Mary Triantafyllopoulou – President of the National Wine Tourism Committee and Vice President of the Greek Wine Association spoke about the advantages that can arise from the development of Gastrotourism and Wine Tourism. In this context, the above speakers submitted very interesting new proposals for upgrading and attracting the public. 

Next, the art of the right combination with wine, water and spirits was put into focus, with speakers: Christos Amandos Executive Chef Airotel Group & Trainer AKMI, Yiannis Daveronis – president of EESA, Konstantinos Tsatsaris – certified sommelier, Dimitris Hatzipetros – F&B Airotel Group. Then: Yiannis Linas – Private Yacht Chef, Giorgos Parissis – Cpt. MMa MSc MD chairman of the H.Y.C.A (Hellenic Yacht Crew Association) training committee talked about Yachting and High Class Services from Land to Sea. 

In conclusion, valuable information about the artistry of dish setting was shared with the audience by Alexandra Mitsiοu – Food Stylist, Tasos Protopsaltis – Executive Chef Kayak and Tasos Tolis – Executive Chef & Food Styling, Food Photographer. 

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