07-10 February 2025


Gastronomy Lab

World-class chefs revealed the future of gastronomy

HORECA 2024 in collaboration with Haris Charalambidis and Gastronomy Essentials presented for the second time the gastronomic event Gastronomy Lab. World-class names of the Greek and global gastronomy was hosted on the specially designed and impressive stage of the Gastronomy Lab, in Hall 4, during the four days of the exhibition. Chefs from Greece and abroad unfolded the art of gastronomy and presented the latest developments in the pastry and bakery industry. They also highlighted the most recent and innovative approaches, which combined futurism, gastronomy and circular economy with applied solutions for restaurants, bars and hotels. 

Tasty discoveries and original ideas took off the stage  

The day at the Gastronomy Lab stage started with one of the leading Spanish pastry chefs, Jordi Puigvert, who highlighted his unique art by presenting an excellent recipe. The chef led us into the world of vegan ice cream with a recipe that combines healthy options and incredible taste. Through his presentation, we discovered how Puigvert incorporates the complexity of vegan ingredients to create ice creams that exceed all expectations. A unique journey through the culinary evolutionary path of Jordi Puigvert, who undoubtedly inspired and lifted our senses with his signature in the field of confectionery. 

The experienced pastry chef, Dimitris Chronopoulos, known for his refined art in the field of confectionery, took us on a journey to a world full of aromas and flavors. Its presentation opened the way to a new era of culinary exploration. The chef, with his characteristic style and expertise, shared secret techniques and recipes that embrace the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle philosophy, without the use of dairy products. From sweet delights to amazing creations, his presentation was an experience rich in taste discoveries and ideas for a creative approach to pastry art.

Jordi Puigvert

Dimitris Chronopoulos

The famous MOF pastry & bakery chef Frédéric Lalos, enchanted the audience with his baking mastery on the Gastronomy Lab stage. Drawing from his extensive expertise and innovative approach to baking, the chef showcased the intricacies of his craft, sharing insights into the meticulous techniques that have earned him the prestigious title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France. With eight bakeries in Paris and its suburbs, Lalos has become synonymous with great taste, attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to the art of bread making. 

In this presentation, we saw the magic unfold as Frédéric Lalos reveals the secrets behind his gourmet breads. From the selection of ingredients, to the precision of the baking process, every element contributes to the harmony of flavors that defines his creations. We had an unforgettable experience on stage, celebrating the true artistry and passion that comes from Mastering of Baking, with chef Frédéric Lalos. 

Frederic Lalos, Haris Papalitsas, Jean Marie Hoffman

Marinos Kosmas

Afterwards, the Executive Chef of the “Treehouse” gastronomic restaurant, Dimitris Pamporis, presented us a classic recipe of the Mount Athos cuisine, always with respect for tradition. The Chef used the new techniques, but also the deep knowledge of Greek cuisine, which he has been championing for years now. 

The day ended with pastry chef Marinos Kosmas, who highlighted the importance of gluten-free living. At a time when a gluten-free diet is a critical choice for many, his presentation analyzed the new data emerging from this particular nutritional approach. With iconic technique and knowledge of gluten-free products, the chef analyzed the role of nutrition in life, highlighting how this choice positively affects health and everyday life. Through sweet creations, and not onlya, that touch the heart and reveal new data in the field of nutrition, his presentation opened new horizons in gastronomy and our lives. 

A magical panorama of flavors for 3rd day on stage  

In a unique gastronomic experience at the Gastronomy Lab stage, the chef of the Ritz Paris Hotel Jerome Coindre, led us on a journey of flavors that refer to the legend of Ernest Hemingway. Making an imaginative reference to the great author, we invited guests to enjoy a different Bloody Mary, not with a regular straw, but with a fork, adding an air of fun luxury to the traditional recipe. 

In addition, the chef took us on a journey to oriental culture with the “Catch of the Day with an Asian Touch”. Through the art of combining fresh ingredients and Asian aromas, he created a unique composition of flavors that reflects the diversity and innovation of his contemporary culinary style. Combining the world of Hemingway with the creative perfection of the Ritz, this presentation was an unforgettable experience of culinary delight and historical reconnection. 

An exciting exploration of the pescetarian diet in all its evolution, came to the fore with the presentation of the ever-rising chef, Michalis Marthas. The chef, forging new paths in the world of gastronomy, revealed the pioneering development of the pescetarian diet and how the love for the sea and the top quality of seafood can evolve into a modern, healthy and interesting food option. The audience was immersed in a culinary experience that highlights the continuous evolution of pescetarian cuisine in today’s culinary landscape. 

Alexandros Tsiotinis, Thalia Tsichlakis, Pavlos Kyriakis, Panagiotis Giakalis, Thanos Feskos

Michael Marthas

A dedication to the rich and aromatic heritage of Greek cuisine was revealed through the presentation of the Executive Chef of the Makedonia Palace Hotel, Sotiris Evangelou, on the Gastronomy Lab stage. With a journey through history and traditions, the chef highlighted the importance of “cooked” in Greek cuisine, capturing his love for the ingredients, flavors and authenticity that highlight Greek gastronomy, as an art and an experience that transcends simple foods. With passion and respect, this presentation was a culinary concert of flavors that reflects the rich heritage of Greek cuisine. 

Acclaimed chefs Thanos Fescos, Alexandros Tsiotinis, Pavlos Kyriakis and Panagiotis Giakalis took the stage and under the coordination of Thalia Tsihlaki, Gastronomy Journalist, described through their experiences the road to Michelin stars. 

Jerome Cointre

On the Gastronomy Lab stage, the chef, Alexandros Tsiotinis, awarded with a Michelin star, gave a culinary experience that upsets the senses. In its presentation, we discovered the magic of a meal, where the Greek material emerges in a leading role. Each dish is a story, with the Greek ingredient stealing the show, at the center of the tasting scene. A protagonist that embraces the flavor notes and unites the rest of the ingredients in a culinary harmony. We enjoyed an exciting theatricality of taste that highlights the role of Greek ingredients at the core of the cuisine. 

On the stage full of flavors of the Gastronomy Lab at HORECA, chef Iosif Sykianakis led us to a world of taste that extends from traditional street food to haute cuisine creations. Mexican cuisine. The chef, with an inspired approach, highlights the diversity and rich heritage of flavors of Mexican cuisine. It discovers the authenticity of ingredients, incorporates traditional cooking techniques, and brings out the multicultural character hidden behind each dish. From well-known street food, such as tacos and enchiladas, to highly aesthetic creations in luxury restaurants, Mexican cuisine is emerging as a culinary treasure that is currently sparking global interest. 

All the latest developments in gastronomy only at Gastronomy Lab

In an era where the modern chef’s need to create and present something new, the use of 3D printing makes its appearance, which has come to radically change the dining experience. This new trend, applied to tools, dishes and the food itself, was presented on the Gastronomy Lab stage, by the most innovative and tech-savvy chef Dimitris Kontaratos. 

Thanasis Tsagliotis, one of the most talented Greek confectioners, then took the stage and presented Garden Euphoria, a sweet accord of fruits and aromatic herbs. 

In the magical journey of flavors, two Japanese chefs, Hisanobu Shigeta and Imtineria Aier, from Ducasse Conseil, joined forces on the Gastronomy Lab stage. A historic route stretching across the Far East, with flavors inspired by the rich multicultural heritage of the ‘Spice Road’, the chefs have created two unique recipes. Skillfully combining aromatic spices with classic French techniques, they highlighted the richness of gastronomy, creating a magical panorama of flavors that captivates the senses and travels the palate to unexplored lands. 

Dimitris Kontoratos

Thanasis Tagliotis

In an experimental dance of flavors and innovative cocktails, a refined chef, Dimitris Katrivesis, met the future at HORECA’s Gastronomy Lab. Entitled “The Taste of the Future & Zero Waste Cocktails”, the chef walks a sustainable path, maintaining the message that sustainability has no end – it’s a never-ending journey of improvement. Aiming to continually reduce costs, build resilience, and contribute to a better world for all, this presentation showcased the magic of sustainability through recipes that discover new frontiers in crafting and the dining experience! 

Acclaimed chef Pavlos Kyriakis then took us on a tour to the gastronomy world with a presentation that was a refined dining experience. The chef invited the visitors to discover the world of haute cuisine through a vegetarian dish. In this unique culinary experience, the dish is not just an ordinary choice for those following a vegetarian diet. It is a technical and aesthetic creation of Michelin star restaurant level, reflecting the chef’s excellence and innovation. 

Hisanobu Shigeta & Imtineria Aier

Dimitris Katrivesis

The renowned pastry chef Michalis Chatzikalimeris invited us later, on a sweet journey of flavors. During his presentation, he revealed to us two delicious lactose-free desserts that dance in flavor harmony, gracefully “closing” each meal. With inspiration and creative aesthetics, the chef presented a sweet surprise that touches the senses and releases the delightful notes of Lactose Free confectionery. 

Innovative ideas & modern techniques at the spotlight

The beginning of the culinary demonstrations on the Gastronomy Lab stage were made by the talented bakers Haris Papalitsas & Dimitris Fragogiannis, who presented the secrets behind their amazing creations that won the 5th place at the IBA Cup Bakers World Competition in Munich in October 2023. Combining the their unique art with innovative flavors, they showed how to create the perfect recipe for sure success in the baking world. 

 One of the most representative Chefs of Greek cuisine, Alexandros Charalambopoulos took over the stage of the Gastronomy lab and took us on a journey with flavors and aromas from all over Greece and the excellent quality first ingredients that were a source of inspiration for him, while he created preparations with excellent aesthetics, “full” of the flavor and aroma of Greece. 

Gkikas Xenakis

Experienced French Chef Julian Mercier, Director of Education at the world-renowned Ecole Ducasse in Paris, whose love for the earth and the environment is evident in every small detail, guided us through a world of food that embraces nature, ecological sensitivity and waste reduction. With his passion for naturalness, the chef explores the best ingredients that nature has to offer, creating dishes that highlight the freshness and flavor of natural ingredients. 

Alexandros Xaralampopoulos

The award-winning Chef Panagiotis Giakalis spoke about how a farm works in the context of a farm-to-table haute cuisine restaurant, while Chef Aristotelis Megoulas, owner of the “Pomo D’Oro” restaurant, led us on an amazing journey into the world of gastronomy of Corfu, which draws inspiration from the rich heritage of the Phaeacians. There, island authenticity meets innovation, incorporating ethical cooking and modern technology. With the chef’s signature, Corfu gastronomy goes beyond the ordinary, offering a unique experience that combines the past with the future. 

Chef Gikas Xenakis captures the Greek culinary tradition and the richness of the Greek land with his unique, creative style. On the Gastronomy Lab stage, he spoke about the mushrooms that make up the taste harmony of the earth. 

Julian Mercier

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