07-10 February 2025


HORECA 2023 had a great visiting & commercial success

60.735 visitors passed through the gates of the 17th HORECA, confirming that it is the largest exhibition in Greece, a leading commercial forum for Hotels and Foodservice businesses and a center of investment for the sector.

HORECA 2023, with an incredibly high attendance gathered thousands of professionals in four days and proved that it is the leading exhibition in Greece and a point of reference and inspiration for the tourism and catering industries. The largest and most influential exhibition event in our country welcomed 60.735 professionals from Hotels and Mass Catering businesses from every corner of Greece and confirmed that it can demonstrably guarantee the realization of the objectives and the commercial success of its exhibitors. The enormous dynamics and impact that the exhibition has on these two key sectors of the Greek economy, as well as its contribution to their development, is confirmed more and more each year.

The exhibitors speak of huge commercial success

The impressive attendance of thousands of hospitality industry decision makers for four consecutive days filled the 500 exhibitors with smiles and optimism. The exhibition was a lively trade forum, where exhibitors had the opportunity to make countless contacts, of such quality and quantity that they surpass any other means of communication with their customers and potential customers. At the same time, in their statements they praised the excellent quality characteristics of the visitors. They were completely satisfied with the fact that they were visited by owners and executives of large and well-known hotel units, restaurant and cafe chains, as well as successful restaurants and catering and bar catering companies. Also, a very dynamic audience from the wholesale trade as well as the bakery and confectionery industry attended and closed many deals. Finally, what made a positive impression on the exhibitors was the fact that they were visited by many young entrepreneurs who have in their immediate plans to create a business in the HoReCa sector and came to the exhibition to find everything they need to make this start. The willingness to invest, modernize and upgrade dominated their discussions with visitors and translated into great commercial deals.

The visitors are also impressed by the high organizational level

From their part, the thousands of professionals – owners and executives from hotel units, restaurants, bars, cafes, bakeries, catering companies, architectural offices – who visited this year’s event were impressed by the range of options offered to them for every need of their business , but also for many different budgets. They expressed their absolute satisfaction with the variety and quality of the products they found in the stands of the 500 exhibitors and which will help them upgrade and develop their business. At the same time, they were particularly impressed by the original ideas and interesting proposals presented at the special events.

The special events attracted the visitors’ interest

HORECA’s special events are an integral part of the show, equally important with the main exhibition. Through the workshops, case studies, and panel discussions, visitors and participants had the opportunity to open their business horizons and learn about the newest product developments as well as the trends in digital marketing and management in the HORECA Lab. The Panhellenic coffee championships that took place on the Coffee Events stage, and the Panhellenic cocktail championships for the top baristas and bartenders respectively, gathered a large crowd who watched with great interest. At the same time, issues such as sustainable gastronomy, sustainability of dishes and new trends and innovations in catering, were analyzed at the Gastronomy Lab. Finally, the exhibition also hosted the 6th International Hospitality Forum from the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, the Fortune Greece Conference, the forum entitled “The Greek hospitality ecosystem” from the Hellenic Business Association and the Gastronomy Conference from the Chef’s Club Greece.

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