07-10 February 2025


Panhellenic Cocktail Championships

The battle of the bartenders!

Talented bartenders competed for 3 days in the most “intoxicating” scene, as part of the Panhellenic Cocktail Championships organized by the Hellenic Bartenders Union.

The new talents in the high art of cocktails presented unique, brand new mixes with the aim of being the first in the Panhellenic Cocktail Competitions of the Hellenic Bartenders Union, which took place February 11-13 at the HORECA Lab stage in Hall 1.

Monday, February 13 – Post show 

The Panhellenic Cocktail Championships, after three days of great emotions, surprises, excellent cocktails, closed with the 12th Non-Alcohol Classic Cocktail Competition, where Ioannis Politis won the first place, Konstantina Nikolitsis the second and Nikos Kakarea the third place and the 2nd Battle of the bars Competition, where Alexandros Fino and Stefanos Koutroulis from Puerto bar won the first place, Konstantina Nikolitsis and Zoe Akrivou from Villa di mare won the second place and Chrysovalantis Foudas and Manos Gialedakis from Momix won the third place. All the winners had to say about the great organization, the strong emotions that their participation in the competitions gave them and their satisfaction about the result. The winner of the 12th Non-Alcohol Classic Cocktail Competition of course did not fail to mention how much he is looking forward to representing our country in the world competition. 

Nikos Kakareas, Dina Nikolitsi, Ioannis Politis
ΗΒΑ Member, Chrysovalantis Fountas and Manos Gialedakis (Momix), Dimitris Zappas (ΗΒΑ President)
ΗΒΑ member, Konstantina Nikolitsi and Zoe Akrivou (Villa di mare), Dimitris Zappas (ΗΒΑ President)
Alexandros Finos and Stefanos Koutroulis (Puerto)

Sunday, February 12 – Post show

The second day of the Panhellenic Cocktail Championships also had several surprises, anxiety, smiles of joy and unique creations that really impressed both the public and the judges. The contestants who took part in the 27th Classic Cocktail Competition put their imagination, knowledge and skills into their cocktails. Christos Voglis was named the first place winner and received his award by Mr. Giorgio Fadda (President of the International Bartenders’ Association), Konstantina Nikolitsi was the second place winner and was awarded by Mr. Thanassis Gialouris (Publishing Director of FORUM SA), and Panagiotis Tsouroulas was the third place winner and was awarded by Mr. Panagiotis Fragkos (Monin).

Dimitris Zappas, Christos Voglis, Giorgio Fadda
Snapshot from the award ceremony
Dimitris Zappas, Konstantina Nikolitsi, Thanasis Gialouris
Panagiotis Tsouroulas, Panagiotis Fragos

Saturday 11 February – Post show  

The day ended with excitement and spectacle for those who attend the event at Hall 1. The contestants of the 10th Panhellenic Greek Cocktail Competition took their places from noon of the same day. After a great battle, the first place was won by Charalampos Daskalakis who received his award from Mr. Thanasis Gialouris, Publishing Director of FORUM SA, the organizing company of the HORECA exhibition and who stated shortly after his victory that his participation in the competition was a very nice experience and that his goal is the first prize in the global competition. 2nd and 3rd place were won respectively by Panagiotis Pittas who received his award from Panagiotis Panagiotatos, and Konstantinos Saitis who received his award from Dimitris Patsoura.

The winner Charalambos Daskalakis with the Director of Publications of FORUM, Thanasis Gialouris
The three winners Panagiotis Pittas, Charalambos Daskalakis and Konstantinos Saitis.

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