07-10 February 2025


The hotel and catering industry attend HORECA on the 2nd day

After a highly successful first day, the 17th HORECA welcomes thousands of professionals for the second day.

The arrival of professional visitors to the Metropolitan Expo continues since early in the morning. HORECA opened its doors for the second day and the 500 exhibitors welcome entrepreneurs and executives from the hotel sector and restaurants, arriving from all over Greece. After a highly successful first day, in terms of visitability, the expectations are now even higher today, since even more meetings are expected to take place between exhibitors and prospective clients. The participating companies present throughout the day, in their impressive booths, all the new and innovative solutions that industry professionals need to modernize, equip or renovate their businesses, but also to offer upgraded products and services to their customers. The decision makers of the sector express their absolute satisfaction with the variety, quality and innovation of the exhibits, while they are particularly impressed by the innovative ideas and proposals presented today during the special events.

Innovations, trends and speeches from experts on the future of the industry

The 2nd day of HORECA, apart from the dynamic attendance of professionals, is characterized by even more action in the stages of special events.

For the 2nd day today, visitors have the opportunity to attend speeches by experts and executives of the business sector, at the stage of the HORECA Lab, at Ηall 1, enriching their knowledge and receiving information on the latest developments and new trends in the hotel sector, restaurants, bars and cafés.

Among the issues covered are building a successful and profitable catering business from A to Z, training staff and handling complaints and reviews about catering establishments. Also, on the stage of the HORECA Lab, an event is hosted by the National Accreditation System, with a theme that includes Green Hotels – The present and the future of Tourism, as well as the role of quality in supply chain management and the trust it engenders in the consumer, with speakers leading executives of the political and business world. You can see the program in detail here.

At the same time, the 10th Panhellenic Greek Cocktail Competition is taking place on the same stage today, which will start at 16:00. You can see the detailed program here.

World-class chefs will once again introduce us to the art of gastronomy at the Gastronomy Lab in Hall 4. The presentations and live cooking shows on the Gastronomy Forum stage will captivate the audience from 11:00 in the morning with a rich theme that includes, among other things, tradition and the modernization of Rhodesian cuisine, HoReCa and food waste and the position of Agioreitian cuisine in the halls of haute cuisine. The Marathias restaurant in Tinos will also be awarded. Top names in world gastronomy such as Pastry Chef Luc Debove and Pizzaiolo Luciano Sorbillo and Vito Monaco will take the stage today. See the detailed program here.

As part of the Coffee Events, today, Saturday, February 11, the semifinals of the Barista will be held. The detailed schedule may be seen here.

HORECA is also hosting the Fortune Greece Forum today, which will take place from 11.00 to 14.00, in Conference Hall C2 of the Metropolitan Expo and will highlight the challenges arising for the sector from the evolution of technology, the necessary upskilling & reskilling for the human potential and the need for more sustainable practices. See the detailed program here.

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