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11-14 February 2022


HORECA 2020 • Visitor Testimonials

HORECA is the most important exhibition about equipment and new trends for hotels. There is no professional I think who deals with tourism that does not visit it. We have been supporting HORECA for many years, we believe in it and as long as it exists, we will continue to organize the General Assembly during the trade show.
Christina Tetradi / Vice President of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels
For another year HORECA really attracts hoteliers from all over Greece. For us, hoteliers, means an annual appointment that is made to share knowledge, information and to close deals.
Grigoris Tasios / President of the Hellenic Hotel Federation
HORECA is not a simple a trade show. This is the exhibition where professionals of the hospitality industry close their deals for the whole season. For this reason, the Hotel Chamber of Greece has chosen to organize here our annual General Assembly.
Alexandros Vassilikos / President of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels
This year's HORECA is the most successful of all time. It is already an institution that unites the entire tourism industry under one roof as the hospitality professional can come here to find everything. Over the years, HORECA has upgraded the tourism product, given the opportunity to connect all sectors of the Greek tourism product and the chance to the hospitality professionals to exchange ideas, opinions and build new partnerships.
Charis Theocharis / Minister of Tourism
HORECA seemed be very upgraded both in terms of the products and solutions presented and the overall organization. As President of the Hellenic Tourism Organization, I support this exhibition and its parallel actions, such as the Gastronomy Forum, which promote the use of Greek products.
Antzela Gkerekou / President of the Greek National Tourism Organization
This year's HORECA proves how many potentials there are in the tourism industry. I believe that the state should shape that institutional framework that will enable HORECA and all the corresponding trade shows to develop further. It is our strength and we must use it.
Katerina Notopoulou / Department of Tourism of SYRIZA
HORECA is an exhibition for the hotel industry and not only, which has been established as a significant exhibition. Hoteliers wait for this trade show the whole year so they can come and see new products, enrich their knowledge and close new deals with the suppliers.
Aris Salounias / Vice President of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels and the Hellenic Hotel Federation
HORECA is a very important tool for any hotelier but also for the hospitality professional who wants to invest in his business. HORECA supports the industry in a very meaningful way because it brings together all the professionals working in the field of tourism.
Konstantina Svinou / President of Institute of Tourism Researches and Predictions
HORECA has offered a lot in tourism industry and the national economy in general. It is a b2b exhibition, which fully supports the tourism sector both in the hotel industry and in the gastronomy-catering industry.
Dimitris Pollalis / President of Hoteliers Union of Lakonia
This year's HORECA, like every year, is very interesting, there are many participants so we can find ideas to use in our hotels. It has a lot to show to the professional in our industry. It helps in the evolution of hotel business in Greece because there are innovations every year.
Nikos Chalkiadakis / President of Hoteliers Union of Heraklion Crete
HORECA always has a tremendous dynamic that I think is growing every year. It is important for the hotel business and hospitality professionals to come here and stay informed.
Charalampos Voulgaris / President of Hoteliers Union of Corfu
It's a unique experience and I'm very happy to be here again. I believe that HORECA as a trade show greatly helps the professional of the bartending industry, as he can see the new trends not only in the Greek market but also globally.
Stelios Papadopoulos / Owner, Barro Negro bar
My impressions of this year's HORECA are very positive, from exhibitors, participants and stakeholders. Also, in special events like the Business Lab, we see a lot of participation.
Olympia Pantelidou / Sales Manager, Hytra Restaurant
HORECA manages to surprise me every year. It passes the message that in the hospitality economy there are so many professions outside the hotel that we should probably have our first look at them, louder than we hoteliers do. I think HORECA not only upgrades the tourist product but gives it exactly the dimension it should have.
Alexnadros Aggelopoulos / CEO, Aldemar Resorts
HORECA is now the most successful trade show for the hospitality and mass catering business. I believe that this trade show greatly contributes to the upgrading of the industry. I really believe that this exhibition can only rise higher.
Spyros Kerkyras / CEO, Horeca Staff
I think HORECA has been greatly upgraded at both the exhibitors and visitors’ level. I am a supplier of hotels and beach bars; my products are exhibited through my clients at HORECA. I am very pleased.
Michailos Karvelas / NT Plastics
This year's HORECA i consider to be the most up to date in terms of exhibitors as well as new trends and products which they are showcasing. I consider it the most important exhibition for the hospitality and mass catering industry in Southeast Europe.
Margarita Ikariou / Head of Marketing & Communication, Samos Wine Cooperative
I think that this year's HORECA was interesting, with extremely interesting special events like the Business Lab and the visitors has always something new to see and learn. I believe it promotes the catering and hotel industries.
Konstantinos Lemonis / Owner, Spira Skopelos Brewers
This year's HORECA seemed very interesting, with many important exhibitors. I think the exhibits can cover all the needs of the professional and it is essential for every professional in the industry to visit the trade show.
Thanos Galaitsis / Owner of restaurant Palaia Salamina, Salonica
For the last 5 to 6 years espresso has gained a significant share of the Greek market and we are very happy to be here to show our coffee. HORECA is a very important fair. I see a lot of people asking for high quality coffee. We will definitely be here next year.
Michele Monzini / Owner, MOKITO
I think this year's HORECA has really raised the level. I have found many products that interest me, and in even better prices.
Vasilis Nomikos / Owner, Dusk Cocktail Bar, Syros
This year HORECA was once again great, the organization incredible and all the events perfectly organized. Caterers and catering professionals must visit HORECA because they have to keep up to date with new trends and equipment to improve their restaurants.
Evaggelos Venieris / Resaurant Manager, 1926, Naxos
HORECA has surprised us for yet another year. The organization was great, the exhibitors and exhibits were excellent. Professionals in the industry need to visit HORECA.
Stamatoula Psalti / Restaurant Owner, Itan Ena Mikro Karavi
I think the presence of the Greek Chefs Club at HORECA is very important. First of all, for the promotion of Greek products. Greek chefs know how to use Greek products, integrate them into international recipes and in collaboration with the other chef clubs around the world, we can pass on the message of the gastronomic treasures of Greek cuisine.
Miltos Karoumpas / Chef, CEO Point-Hub
HORECA is getting better every year. I recommend to all colleagues to visit the exhibition. I think that a professional who wants to grow his business whether it's called a restaurant, a cafe or a hotel must visit this trade show.
Nikos Vergetis / President in Association of Corfu Restaurant Cafe Bar
HORECA promotes tourism and hospitality and the industry’s professionals can easily get in touch with many suppliers and get to know all the latest developments.
Christos Ntitoras / Marketing Manager, Hilton Athens
As for my experience at HORECA this year, I found it extremely refreshing. HORECA promotes tourism more than any other exhibition because it is the most comprehensive trade show.
Elena Toupogiani / Hotel co-owner, Kapsaliana Village, Rethymno
HORECA helps us to upgrade our product as it gives us the opportunity to get in touch with people in the industry, to look for equipment, tools for our work, and of course to inspire us for the future. The Business Lab was very successful as a crowd gathered to hear about some new trends and we had the opportunity to share some expertise.
Philippos Iosifidis / Owner, Artisti Mountain Resort
It is worthwhile for any professional from the catering industry to visit HORECA. I feel that the people who attended the Business Lab were really interested about the trends in their sector.
Manolis Papoutsakis / Chef Patron, Charoupi restaurant
Generally, every year HORECA seems to me to be getting better and better and it helps us to communicate and socialize with professionals of our industry.
Giorgos Kanopoulos / co-Owner, Warehouse
This year's trade show is definitely much more upgraded. It is a reference point for the Greek catering business. Business Lab also was a great special event.
Giannis Samaras / Owner, Mai Tai Athens bar

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