07-10 February 2025


HORECA 2023 • Visitor Testimonials

We have been giving a strong "present" for many years in HORECA. The attendance is much higher compared to previous events. On the positive side, over the years, more and more professionals are coming.
Emmanuel Nomikos / Οwner of TEILEMPEX AE/ READY.GR
My impressions of HORECA 2023 are better than ever. I am very satisfied because the exhibition has a lot of targeted visitors. We made several commercial agreements and had contacts with new customers from the Region and the islands. We will definitely participate at HORECA 2024.
Evi Koutela / Vice President EMKO Koutelas SA
I am especially happy because this year's HORECA is the best ever! We have overcome all the problems and we are now in a new era, not only for us and for the coffee companies in general, but for the whole country. We continue strong and our participation for 2024 is a given.
Panagiotis Haskos / Owner of CAFFE' LUIGI - HASKOS
The company participated for the first time at HORECA 2023, with the aim of approaching professionals from the catering and hospitality sector. The exhibition achieved record attendance, people were eager to know about new products and we made many trade deals. We will participate at HORECA 2024 because we need it.
Antonis Traiforos / B2B Sales Manager Praktiker Hellas SA
Our impressions are very positive. We are very happy to participate for the 8th year in HORECA. The attendance was impressive, which is why for us the fair is the most suitable place to show our new products.
IRINI KONSTANTOPOULOU / Corporate & Marketing Technology Manager VIKOS SA
I consider that this year's HORECA was also successful. The number of visitors who have come to the exhibition center is great and I believe that our presence here will give impetus to the next steps ahead of our company.
Minas Metaxakis / General Manager METAXAKIS ATHANASIOS SA
The interest from people to get offers and see products was remarkable. HORECA was once again a very successful exhibition. More industry’s decision makers came, such as owners of coffee restaurants, hotels, chefs, f&b managers, etc.
Giorgos Karamanis / Managing Director KARAMANIS SA
HORECA once again proves its dynamism, as well as the great influence and importance it has in the sector. Our impressions are extremely positive both from the attendance and from the organization and we are particularly satisfied with the number of visitors, as they are targeted professionals from all over Greece.
Lydia Valsami / Brand Manager Noynoy Barista's Gold FrieslandCampina Hellas
This year we saw very nice booths from the companies in all the halls. We are very pleased with our participation in HORECA and we congratulate the organizing company.
Nikos Papas / President & CEO of Espresse A.E
The company participates in all HORECA events and the impressions from this year's exhibition are good. We made commercial contacts with old and new customers from the hotel and catering industry and closed several deals. Of course we will participate in HORECA 2024!
Vasileia Georgiadou / Public Relations Manager ELECTRA Equipment
Within HORECA we had the opportunity to present our new products and we are excited because we received very positive feedback about them both from our existing customers and from the rest of the visitors. See you then at the next HORECA in 2024.
The exhibition was well organized and advertised well. We were surprised by the increased attendance from professionals from every corner of Greece, both on Friday and on Monday, comparing to other years.  
Vangelis Perdikaris / New Business Executive HOUSE MARKET SA (IKEA)
We are participating for the 6th time in the exhibition. It is an exhibition of a particularly commercial nature, with excellent organization in all areas. It has been advertised a lot and had a lot of traffic and in general we are very pleased with the final result.
Angela Kiourtzoglou / President of KIOURTZOGLOU BROS SA
My impressions of HORECA 2023 are the best I have experienced so far. The attendance was very high from the first day especially from targeted professionals. It goes without saying that we will participate at HORECA 2024!
Manthos Archontakis / Chairman V. ARCHONTAKIS SA
The first word that comes to mind is "success"! We met with professionals from the ho.re.ca industry, who are talking about large investments in several islands and everyone is looking for new, innovative and ideal equipment for their measures, in order to cope with the demand that will be there this summer. Of course, we will participate at HORECA next year too!
Alexandros Sanozidis / Co-Owner of EUROGAT SA
We have been participating at HORECA since 2006 and it is our only way of promoting our products to the sector. The turnout this year was very impressive and visitors came from all sectors of tourism. Of course we have renewed our appointment for HORECA 2024.
Eleni Zymaridi / President of ZYMARIDES M. WOOD WELL
We have been involved in HORECA since its inception and every year we see a great developement. This year, we have reached a peak level and now the space of the exhibition center is too small to accommodate this huge exhibition. Surely 2024 will find us here again.
A lot of professionals visited -as always- and this year's edition. The organization of the trade show all four days was amazing and we hope to conclude good commercial and professional agreements the next months after the end of the trade show.
Stergios Nikas / CEO ALMECO
We participated for the first time in 2019. Every time this exhibition gets better and better, with perfect organization. The visitors were delighted with both HORECA and our stand. The deals we closed were more than expected.
Athanasios Kontopoulos / Οwner KONTOPOULOS EQUIPMENT LTD
The impressions from HORECA 2023 are very positive. It is now a classic exhibition and the experience of the organizing company contributes to its success. The visitor profile covered from the catering and accommodation industry to small shipping and we made commercial contacts with visitors from all over Greece and Europe.
Alexandros Tseperas / Sales Director Pantelis Kyrpoglou S.A.
The attendance exceeded all expectations. At least we had a high turnout at our booth. At HORECA 2023 we launched a new blend, the La Reserva de ¡Tierra range, Cuba. We will also participate in the special event of the trade show.
Kler Harogianni / Head of Marketing & Trade Marketing LAVAZZA- BEVERAGE WORLD
We have been participating at HORECA for several years as it is the most visited exhibition in Greece and is the best opportunity to meet our customers. HORECA 2023 leaves me with excellent impressions and the professionals who visited our stand were more than we expected!
Michalis Sakalidis / Owner J.SAKALIDIS S.A.
HORECA is always very interesting for us. We saw a lot of decision makers. We are certainly pleased, as we closed new deals and confirmed existing ones. We will always be here, because we believe in HORECA and it is for us the most important trade show that happens once a year.
We have been participating at HORECA a lot of years now and I think that this year the attendance was amazing and beyond our expectations. As far as the organization is concerned, it was perfect.
Christos Katsimbaros / CEO THALPOS SA
The exhibition was very nice with excellent organization as everything seems to have worked according to a correct program. It had a lot of people and a lot of potential customers, so it was a very good opportunity for all the companies in the sector to promote their products. We are very satisfied with the organization.
Anastasia Papakanellou / Βrand & Τrade Μarketing Μanager SARANTIS GR. Ltd
We were very impressed from HORECA 2023, we closed a lot of commercial deals and we are completely satisfied. Every year the exhibition is even more successful and hoteliers embrace it even more. We had people coming to out stand from the first minute the exhibition opened.
Sofiana Menti / Marketing Coordinator Greco Strom
I believe that with our presence, we once again managed to stand out. The people who visited us, besides being optimistic, were completely focused on the field of ho.re.ca. which is important to us. Compared to previous years, the exhibition had a better audience.
Loukas Xydonas / Owner KAWACOM HELLAS SA
As always the exhibition has a great attendance and we look forward to participating at HORECA 2024.
Leonidas Papadopoulos / CANDIA Hotel Sales Manager
HORECA every year is better than the last. The attendance was very large. We are very pleased both because we closed important trade deals and how people seem to be embracing the exhibition. Apart from the people, HORECA's strength is its exhibitors, with the level constantly rising. The KASIDIS company has been participating in the exhibition for more than a decade and we plan to be here again next year.
Our participation in HORECA begined many years ago. We had a break due to the corona virus but this year we came back strong. The attendance was amazing, and the exhibition was organized better than ever before.
Sotirios Pritsinis / President and Managing Director SALVINI HOTEL SUPPLIES SA
HORECA is the biggest event for our sector as we meet with suppliers and customers (already existing or potential) from Greece but also from abroad. For Greece, this exhibition is the point of reference for the start of the season. It is at the level of the major international exhibitions abroad. Already on the first day of the exhibition we closed commercial agreements.
Ioannis Seretidis / General Manager SERETIDIS N. SA SER GAS
HORECA 2023 was characterized by high attendance and quality stands and we are very pleased with the organization of the exhibition. As always, we made many commercial contacts from Greece and abroad.
As every year, the attendance of the people was incredibly large but also more meaningful, and this makes us especially happy. Professionals who were really interested and knew what they were asking for, visited our booth. This year we presented for the first time the Caffe Carraro brand, which is a coffee that in 2027 will be 100 years old and comes from the 6th largest coffee factory in Italy.
Giorgos Trikas / Chief Executive Officer TRK COFFEE & BEVERAGES SA
It was the 1st time that PepsiCo participated at HORECA and we are very happy to be here. We saw a lot of people from both Attica and the islands and in general the impact of the exhibition was very positive to us. We are definitely renewing our appointment for 2024!
Panos Lekkas / Trade Marketing Executive TT & AFH Beverages PepsiCo
Our impressions of HORECA are very positive. We consider this to be one of the most successful events. It was something the market needed after the difficult years of Covid-19. We are very pleased, because we made many new contacts, closed important commercial agreements and had the opportunity to present new product proposals.
Regarding the organization but also the number of the visitors, I would say that we were very satisfied. Tourism has been and continues to be in the front row of the Greek economy and that is why we see the HORECA exhibition having such a  commercial effectiveness.
The organization of the fair met our expectations. Everything was executed professionally. We ‘ve been participating to FORUM’s trade shows for many years now and we can always see the same quality in everything this company does. We saw a great number of visitors and we are really pleased.
Giannis Roudas / Managing Director DELIFRANCE HELLAS
At HORECA 2023 we meet targeted visitors and the report is positive both qualitatively and quantitatively, while we made many commercial contacts.
Eleni Michopoulou / CEO Synergia S.A. Nespresso Professional Exclusive Agent
In HORECA we met with a lot of our partners. This year we launched the Lemon bicycle, Essential Liquid Blends, the production of which we started in the last two years, accompanying our production of chocolates and beverages. It goes without saying that we will be here next year as well.
Giannis Gialousis / CEO GIALOUSIS I. LTD
We participate steadily and continuously at HORECA 2023 and we are very happy with our participation this year. The attendace is great and targeted.
Niovi Kallergi / Vice President CMO KAFEA TERRA FOOD & DRINKS AEBE
This year's HORECA is a surprise for us, with the attendance being much higher than we expected. We met with professionals from the Catering sector, but also from the hotel industry. We made several quality contacts, perhaps even more than last year, as this year within the framework of the exhibition we also introduced new product categories.
IRINI CHANIADAKI / Marketing Director NIKAS P. G. SA
It is the 3rd consecutive year that METRO Cash & Carry participated in HORECA, which shows that our presence has the desired results. This year's participation was completely satisfactory, as the attendance at the renovated stand far exceeded expectations, as well as the goals we had set. Our contacts stood at a similar height, which doubled compared to last year, while the dynamic presence of our people at the stand, worked as a supplement for our visitors.
Christos Moschopoulos / METRO Cash & Carry Sales Manager
We haven’t seen so many people at a fair! We came in touch with a lot of professionals from all over Greece, people who are getting ready for the touristic season and they want to be prepared. In general, the organization was really good, and I think that the attendance of visitors might have even exceeded the records of 2019. We have made many new contacts not only with prospective partners from Greece, but also with companies from abroad, a fact that indicates the international character of HORECA. We will definitely participate next year with an even bigger stand.
Popi Trakada / Marketing Director DADDY’S IKE – THE BREAD PROJECT
HORECA 2023 was a success and the number of visitors was unprecedentedly high. We made so many business contacts that we couldn't keep up!
Nikos Urailidis / Chairman VAMVAX SA - Guy Laroche
HORECA is a fantastic event that once again exceeded our expectations. We are very happy to be able to meet with all the industry professionals, build business relationships, discuss new products and generally be even closer to our customers and partners.
Athina Popof / Premium Spirits, Coffee & Snacks Director COCA COLA 3Ε
Our impressions this year, like every year, are very positive. We are very pleased with the organization and the turnout. This year many visitors came from the province. We made several contacts, both new and with old partners. HORECA is of strategic importance. Every year we build our portfolio with new coffee products, with new single variety coffees, with new blends.
Emma Tzanetoulea / Marketing Manager Coffee/Beverages KAROULIAS V.S. MON/PI SA
HORECA has improved over time and is a very organized exhibition. Most of the people who have attended are professionals and we have already closed commercial deals.
Anastasios Ginis / Owner of GINOX AEBE
We are very pleased to note that the goal of our participation in HORECA has been achieved. We are introducing industry professionals to all of our new products for 2023 while keeping communication channels open with existing and potential new customers. HORECA 2023 fully met our expectations and congratulations are due to the organizers, but also to the exhibitors and visitors who kept the bar high for another year.
It was an exemplarily organized HORECA with much more people than the previous ones. We made many contacts not only from Athens, but also from many other Greek regions such us Kavala, Northern Greece, Kalamata και many islands like Thassos, Samothraki, Crete etc. So, we have absolutely no complaints. We are overjoyed!
Elias Sacharidis / CEO FOODELCO IKE
Our impressions of HORECA 2023 are excellent. We had the opportunity to get in touch with a lot of professionals from various industries and have many business meetings. In 2024 you will find us again at HORECA.
Giorgos Antoniou / Head of Sales Operations Kotsovolos-Dixons South East Europe
For another year, HORECA was the ultimate meeting point for us and our customers. It was an excellent event, in the context of which we had the opportunity to meet our partners, meet new people, get inspired and inspire. We are very pleased with the business contacts we made during the exhibition. For us it was very important that we presented our products and services and got the corresponding insights from the visitors, which will help us go one step further.
Because I have seen up close various trade fairs in Greece, HORECA stands out for its excellent organization. The attendance of people this year was also satisfactory and we consider it very important for both the company and our brand to take part consistently in this exhibition.
Marios Konstantinidis / General Manager PAKKETO IKE
We have been participating in HORECA since 2017. This year it had great attendance and its dynamics were very intense. We closed commercial deals at the fair, in a sector that has grown in size in recent years, paper straws. We have already started the transition from plastic to paper in 2017.
Lydia Polychronopoulou / Communications Manager MATRIX PACK SA
HORECA is an exhibition with worldwide appeal and a lot of visitors, so we held many trade appointments. Visitors showed particular interest in our products. We will be participating at HORECA 2024 and we believe that the exhibition will be even more successful.
Kostas Metridis / CEO, Metridis Philosophy
We are very satisfied with the number and the quality of the visitors. A lot of professionals from all over Greece have visited our stand, showing interest in our products and solutions. I think on Saturday it was one of the most crowded days we have ever experienced during trade- fairs! We are absolutely delighted that we participated in HORECA 2023!
Marouso Konstantopoulou / Production Manager PICCANTA
Our impressions of HORECA 2023 are excellent and the exhibition is well attended. We are completely happy with the presence of hoteliers and it is our pleasure to belong to the large HORECA family. We have been participating in the exhibition since the first year it was held and we will be here for many years to come.
Antonis Vekiaris / Owner Linea Strom
HORECA is undoubtedly one of the most successful exhibitions in Greece in terms of company participation, organization and attendance. We had the pleasure to meet many visitors from all over the Catering industry, to present them with our new products and proposals, but also to propose professional solutions for 2023. I would like to congratulate FORUM for the perfect organization.
This year HORECA has a lot of traffic and great demand. After all, the tourism sector is in great development. However, in general, as an exhibition, I consider HORECA to be one of the best events held in Greece.
Giorgos Skourtaniotis / Owner of NIMA HOME
We have participated several times in the exhibition. As a company we are very satisfied with the organization. Visitors generally have a positive attitude towards the developments. Hoteliers kept coming to our booth and we constantly gave offers.
Ioanna Balogianni / Marketing Manager Professional BU MIELE
HORECA 2023 was very successful, we had a lot of visitors to our stand, many new contacts and interesting meetings. Our participation at HORECA 2024 is a must.
Anna Triantou / Head of Hotel Clothing Department NEF NEF A.E.
A lot of people came with questions willing to discuss, to taste our products and get to know us. That is why, for us, HORECA was very interesting, because it enhanced our relations with our market. We also noticed a quality upgrade in terms of the visitors’ profile, as we made contacts not only with restaurant entrepreneurs, but also with numerous operators, from hotels, restaurants and groups. We are very pleased with HORECA 2023!
Thodoris Sakelariou / General Manager Greece & Cyprus UNILEVER FOOD SOLUTIONS
HORECA 2023 was very strong and had great attendance. The hotel industry and catering once again provided a strong presence.
Eleni Nastou / Direct Sales Director PLAISIO COMPUTERS SA
I think this year's HORECA was the best ever. We made great contacts. The visitors were professionals and decision makers, which allowed us to work more purposefully. We will certainly participate in the next HORECA in 2024.
We, as Gallis Lighting, participate at exhibitions, both in Greece and abroad, and so this year we decided to take part in HORECA as well. The attendance all four days has been satisfactory.
Despina Galli / Export Sales Manager GALLIS LIGHTING

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