12-15 FEB 2021

Metropolitan Expo Greece

12-15 February 2021


Coffee • Beer • Wine & Spirits • Soft Drinks • Water • Waffles & Snacks

In HORECA 2019, the most important coffee, beer, alcohol and non-alcohol, soft drinks and bottled water companies will participate for another year. The visitors of the exhibition will have the opportunity to try the new codes of each company and to be informed about all its product portfolio by the exhibitors of the industry. All types of coffee, chocolate, smoothies, tea and beverages, soft drinks and energy drinks, wines and spirits, alcoholic beverages, juices and soft drinks, bottled water and raw materials for the cocktail, will be brought together exclusively in Hall 1 of HORECA!

The categories of exhibits are:

  • Coffee, Drinks
  • Coffee accompaniments, Syrups
  • Tea, Water, Refreshments
  • Beers, Beverages, wines
  • Sorbets, Smoothies
  • Energy drinks

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