07-10 February 2025


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HORECA 2024 achieves an impressive commercial momentum, according to exhibitors

The exhibitors of HORECA 2024 expressed their strong satisfaction with the commercial outcomes of the exhibition, with 94.4% already confirming their participation in the 2025 event!

HORECA has once again confirmed its leading position in the Ho.Re.Ca. sector in Greece, with exhibitors expressing high levels of satisfaction with this year’s event. Notably, 64% of the exhibitors participated to expand their customer base, while 56% aimed to strengthen their market position, underscoring the commercial value of HORECA.

93.6% of the exhibitors expressed satisfaction with their overall experience

The trade show’s impact was indeed impressive, with 93.6% of exhibitors expressing satisfaction with their overall experience. This included the event’s organization, the quality and professional expertise of the visitors, the large attendance, and the commercial deals they secured.

The commercial effectiveness of HORECA 2024 is also reflected in the fact that 71% of exhibitors closed deals during the trade show, an increase from 67% last year. Additionally, 89.6% of exhibitors expect to close deals in the first six months after the event, demonstrating the lasting commercial impact of the exhibition. It is, therefore, no surprise that 72% of the exhibitors reported that this year’s exhibition significantly helped them achieve their commercial goals.

Finally, 94.4% of the exhibitors stated that they are very likely to participate in HORECA 2025, highlighting their loyalty and trust in the exhibition.

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