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10-13 February 2023


Grand Opening driven by optimism and excitement

Representatives from the political scene, the business world, as well as leading institutional bodies from the Hotel and Catering Sector attended the grand opening of HORECA 2022.

The opening of the HORECA exhibition was held on Friday, February 11, at 14:00 in the conference room C2 of the Metropolitan Expo, greeted by the Minister of Development & Investments, Adonis Georgiadis.

During his speech, Mr. Adonis Georgiadis emphasized on the contribution of the exhibition to the evolution and innovation of the Hotel and Catering Sector and the leading role it plays in the Tourism Sector, while stating that HORECA is the start of the new era.  As he characteristically said: «I am very happy to be here today at the opening of the HORECA exhibition. It is promising for the hospitality industry but also for the Greek economy that HORECA 2022 is carried out with such success. During my visit, I came across an exhibition full of people, where many trade agreements were concluded. “We were absolutely determined that the exhibition had to be made to signal the resumption of the tourism economy».

Adonis Georgiadis, Minister of Development and Investments

Peter Ottmann, CEO of the NürnbergMesse Group

Also, present at the grand opening was Mr. Peter Ottmann, CEO of the NürnbergMesse Group, of which FORUM S.A. is a member, who stated during his speech that “this is the third time I visit HORECA and it is a special moment for me because, for the NürnbergMesse Group, it is the first exhibition we hold this year and we hope many more will follow”. He also added that Greece made a dynamic start in 2022, with the HORECA exhibition and he thanked the government for their support in the realization of the exhibitions. “Start up the engines and leave the pandemic behind for a prosperous future”.

The President of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, Mr. Alexandros Vasilikos stated that “it is important through HORECA, to give the message of restart, where the people of the market meet and signal the market trends. The exhibition is a platform where we can exchange and create the final products of tomorrow “. And he mentioned that the success of the Greek hotel and tourism starts here, in HORECA.

Alexandros Vasilikos, President of HCH

George Kavvathas, President of GSEVEE

While George Kavvathas, President of GSEVEE (Hellenic Confederation of Professionals, Craftsmen, and Merchants), stated during his greeting that “the return of HORECA is an island of hope and as we all saw today the large attendance of the industry shows that despite the difficulties of the last two years, we are ready to move the economy and the country, one step ahead “.

The Head of Tourism of the SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance and member of the Greek Parliament Mrs Katerina Notopoulou, noted in her speech that “the return of HORECA, is – at this critical era – very good news for the world of tourism and for all of us. “This year’s exhibition, with its large number of exhibitors and visitors, highlights the impatience and hope of the tourism world to return to a dynamic recovery trajectory as soon as possible”.

Odysseas Konstantopoulos, Deputy Speaker of Parliament

Katerina Notopoulou, Member of Parliament for SYRIZA

All the representatives of the institutional bodies of the sector attended the grand opening

Also present at the exhibition’s grand opening were Nikos Papathanasis, Deputy Minister of Development and Investments, Sotiris Anagnostopoulos, Secretary General of Commerce & Consumer Protection, Odysseas Konstantopoulos, Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Katerina Notopoulou, Member of Parliament for SYRIZA, Michalis Katrinis, Head of the KINAL Parliamentary Group, Angela Gkerekou, President of the Greek National Tourism Organisation, Grigoris Tasios, President of the Hellenic Hoteliers Federation, Tasos Protopsaltis, President of the Chefs Club of Greece, Panos Moraitis, President of the Panhellenic Association of Catering Equipment Companies, Giannis Benopoulos, President of the Hellenic Coffee Association and Ioannis Glykos, President of the Federation of Professional Confectioners of Greece.

Snapshot from the opening ceremony

Thanasis Gialouris, Vice President of Forum SA

Finally, the event was honored by the presence of the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco Mr. Mohamed Sbihi, the Commercial attachés of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco Mr. Dalal Ziadi and Mr. Rime Mrimi. Also: the Ambassador of Georgia Mr. David Dondua, the Commercial attaché of Georgia Mr. George Shoshitashvili, the Commercial Attaché of the Portuguese Embassy Mr. Laurent Armaos, the Commercial Attachés of Brazil Lilian Burlamaqui Duarte and Mônica Miranda, the Ambassador of South Africa Mrs. BR Sisulu, and the Commercial Attaché of the Embassy of South Africa, Mr. K Mgojo and the Ambassador of Thailand, Mr. Attakarn Wongchanamas, the Commercial Attaché, Mr. Pibulnakarintr, the Commercial Attaché of the Embassy of Egypt Ms. Kamal Ahmed, Ambassador of Indonesia, Commercial Attaché of Indonesia Mr Ramadhan and Commercial attaché of Indonesia Mr Septian.

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