10-13 FEB 2023

Metropolitan Expo Greece

10-13 February 2023


HORECA 2022 - Exhibitor Testimonials

The visitors who visited our booth were professionals with specific needs, who knew what they wanted. We have been participating in HORECA since the first event and we look forward to 2023!
Andreas Varanakis / CEO VARANAKIS
HORECA 2022 was very successful and we made a lot of business appointments. We will also take part in HORECA 2023 .
Evangelos Perdikaris / New Business Executive HOUSE MARKET SA (IKEA)
We are very satisfied, both with the number of visitors and their quality features. We made many appointments and new deals in all four days of HORECA 2022.
Tzanetoulea Emma / Marketing Director Coffee / Beverages Sector, KAROULIAS V.S. ΜΟΝ. SA
The attendance at HORECA and our booth was excellent. We made a lot of appointments, which we believe will bring commercial results, especially in view of a strong tourist season.
Nikos Ourailidis / CEO VAMVAX SA - Guy Laroche
The attendance was impressive. We made many commercial appointments aimed at the Hotel industry. We are very happy and we will participate in HORECA 2023 for sure.
Gotsopoulou Iro / Business Development Representative & Marketing Director GRECO STROM
HORECA 2022 is the best exhibition we have ever participated. We made many appointments that will help develop our clientele with targeted professionals. We saw customers traveling from the countryside to come to the exhibition. It is a very well organized exhibition and we are looking forward to the next one.
Konstantinos Malamas / President & CEO 1886 Bonomi
We are completely satisfied with HORECA 2022. We achieved the goals we had set, we made several sales and gained new customers. We definitely want to participate in HORECA 2023.
Spyros Visvardis / Owner VISVARDIS
We were really impressed from this year's organization. There were so many business appointments and I will always take part at HORECA.
Christoforos Tsapatos / President of ELETRO
During the exhibition, we made many business appointments. This year's exhibition had targeted traffic, from professionals who were focused on the subject we want, so I think it was more specialized and therefore with better results for us.
Evi Koutela / Commercial Director EMKO KOUTELA
We made many appointments with professionals in the field of coffee and mass catering. The success of HORECA confirmed the need of people to return to the exhibition and see new products and innovations up close.
George Karamanis / CEO KARAMANIS
We are very pleased with HORECA, as many business appointments were made, which exceeded even our highest expectations. The organization was impeccable, while the security measures were reverently observed.
George Tambouras / Financial Director KASIDIS
We had important meetings with targeted visitors from the coffee industry, from all over Greece. I believe that we will have very positive commercial results in the near future.
Niovi Kallergi / Vice President/ CMO, KAFEA TERRA
We are quite satisfied with our participation at HORECA 2022, which translated into many quality appointments. We are willing to take part at HORECA 2023.
Ioannis Tsaknakis / General Manager TSAKNAKI AFOI OE
The organization of the exhibition was excellent. The business appointments we made were very satisfactory. Visitors came from almost all over Greece and I believe we will make some very good deals. We would like to participate at HORECA 2023.
Ioannis Toutziaridis / POT & PAN FOOD SERVICE SA
We are very happy with the attendance of the exhibition. We were particularly impressed that a lot of people came, even from abroad. We made business appointments and we felt very safe with the covid-free conditions of HORECA.
Vasiliki Tsoutsa / Director of Operation and Development of INDUSTRY. AE
We made a lot of appointments with old and new customers. We are very satisfied with both the organization and the attendance. We will definitely participate in HORECA 2023!
Eleni Zymaridi / President, ZYMARIDIS M. SA - WOOD WELL
We are very satisfied mainly with with a lot of visitors of high quality. We made many appointments and a lot of contacts. This year HORECA was really special all of us since the exhibitors and visitors needed socializing. HORECA 2022 was the most successful exhibition so far.
Sophocles Panagiotou / Chemist Oenologist Manager PANAGIOTOU BROS OE - SEPTEM MACROWOOD
We are very satisfied with the attendance of the exhibition, we made several commercial appointments with partners from all over Greece. The organization was very good on many levels. We are thinking very seriously about taking part in HORECA 2023.
Giannis Roudas / Managing Director Délifrance
We are very happy with the attendance of the exhibition, we have made a record number of registrations for 2022, which encourages us to take part in HORECA 2023 as well.
Trakada Popi / Marketing Director Daddy’s The Bread Project
The impressions of HORECA 2022 are very encouraging, I am glad for the great attendance. Many appointments have been made with visitors from all over Greece. We will also take part in HORECA 2023!
Evangelos Takoulas / Sales Manager, METRO CASH & CARRY
We are very satisfied with the participation at HORECA, we made several business appointments, it was a very well organized exhibition. We will definitely take part at HORECA 2023.
Leonidas Papadopoulos / Hotel Sales Manager CANDIA - VELIVASAKI BROS SA
We are very satisfied with the attendance this year, many trade appointments have been made, all security measures have been observed and we are looking forward to HORECA 2023.
Giannis Karaiskos / Owner of JKG-living
We are very satisfied with the attendance at HORECA and the quality of the visitors, we have made several business appointments. The exhibition is very good in terms of organization. We have been participating in the exhibition since 2014 and we will continue doing so.
Nikos Markatatos / Owner of Tentominoiki
The attendance was very good, the visitors were targeted and we made many trade appointments with important deals. The organization is always very good, we always take part at HORECA and we will continue. It is an exhibition that brings us many benefits.
Emmanuel Nomikos / Purchase Manager READY.GR - TELEIMPEX SA
HORECA had a lot of attendance that reflects the need of the people to come in physical contact with the suppliers. The organization was covid free, we made quite good trade appointments in terms of quality and quantity and we are optimistic that we will book new customers.
The attendance was very satisfactory, we socialized with old and new customers, there were several business appointments and we intend to participate at HORECA 2023.
Anna Triantou / Sales Consultant NEF-NEF SA
The attendance was more than satisfactory, the report we made for the 4 days of the exhibition shows an increase of 80% -90%, a fact that satisfies us very much. Several commercial appointments were made, the attendance was quite targeted from both cafes and hotels. Our presence at HORECA 2023 is taken for granted.
Ioannis Tsaknakis / Marketing Manager INTERTAN SA
We are very happy with the attendance, the professional visitors were from the F&B and the tourism industry and the interest was increased in the field of technology. The interest for commercial appointments after the exhibition was particularly increased by Airbnb. I believe that we will be here in HORECA 2023.
Nastou Eleni / Direct Sales Manager PLAISIO COMPUTERS SA
The attendance of the people exceeded all our expectations, many quality appointments were made and we are very happy. We want to participate in HORECA 2023 as well.
Margarita Rosmari / Marketing Manager CARD LINK
We are very happy with the attendance and the security measures and in general with the organization of the exhibition.
Vassilis Sarikehagias / CEO MEXYL LTD
KOTSOVOLOS participated for the 5th consecutive year in HORECA, with its new brand, K2B. We are very happy to have participated, we have made many business appointments, we have talked to many professionals thanks to the high attendance and we are renewing our appointment for HORECA 2023.
Petros Topouzis / B2B Brand Manager DIXONS SOUTHEAST EUROPE SA
The attendance was satisfactory and productive in terms of business appointments. The organization of the exhibition was a great success and we managed to make many contacts.
Paola Tselo / Marketing Communications & Digital Marketing Coordinator Taf Coffee
We are very happy with the event and we are very satisfied with the attendance. In all 4 days of the exhibition, the number of professionals who visited our stand was quite high, we made many commercial appointments, while there was interest in new collaborations.
Stefanos Loizos / Marketing & Trade Marketing Manager BEVERAGE WORLD
We are very satisfied with the attendance of the people and very happy because we sealed new agreements and renewed the already successful collaborations. We support the HORECA report.
Especially in the last two days of the exhibition, the commercial visitors were the "golden material" that espresso needs. There were targeted appointments and there was very good organization on security.
Nikos Pappas / President & CEO of Espresse A.E.
HORECA was very successful in terms of participation and covid-free conditions. We made commercial appointments in all our brands and for all our products. HORECA, is every time the start of our yearly activities. We believe and we will always support the exhibition.
Gianna Rouliou / Senior Brand Manager NESTLE HELLAS SA
We are very happy that we participated in an excellent organized exhibition. The booths of the exhibitors were of high aesthetics and the people who visited HORECA, in number and quality characteristics, are better than ever, which give us hope for the development of the industry.
Giannis Vidras / HoReCa Agile Lead COCA COLA 3E
Congratulations to FORUM for the successful and covid-free exhibition. HORECA 2022, exceeded our expectations, as the attendance was satisfactory, which led to very good and quality trade contacts.
Panagiotis Trifyllis / Marketing and Sales Manager THE MART
HORECA 2022 was great. The number of visitors was very high, our appointments were specific and very productive. It is certain that we will participate in HORECA 2023.
Alexandra Plevraki / Marketing & Export Director NIKAS PG SA
The great success of HORECA 2022 proved that the mass catering industry seeks commercial activity. The visitors came to shop and make deals and expected HORECA to take place.
Stylianos Gavos / Commercial Director, Kostopoulos HoReCa

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