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Gastronomy Forum

Sustainable gastronomy at the center of the gastronomic workshops

The Gastronomy Forum will be a reference point for chefs, F&B managers and all food service professionals.

“Sustainable gastronomy and quality of life” was the main topic of 2022’s Gastronomy Forum, one of the most important gastronomic events in the industry, organized by the Chefs’ Club of Greece.

The sustainability of the dishes, the seasonality and the locality of the raw materials and the new trends and innovations in the mass catering were highlighted through a series of presentations and impressive live cooking shows during the Gastronomy Forum in Hall 4.

Post show – Monday 14 February

The 4th and last day of the Gastronomy Forum started with Angelos Mochloulis, managing partner of Sustainable Business Development Services Center, talked about the commitment to solid waste management improvement and resource management optimization (raw materials and food). The traditional products of the Region of Central Greece were the “stars” during a live cooking show presented by representatives of the region. The topic of plant-based diet was analyzed by Clinical Dietitian Nutritionist Dr. Anna Kalliopi Poulia and Nikos Kouroupis Agalou – Executive Chef at  “Laiko” hospital.

Eleni Kontopidi, General Manager of Philema Food Tours – Food & Culture Experiences and Konstantinos Makridimitris from Ktima Tranabelo – Oinochoros, discussed the connection of sustainable gastronomy, producers, and tourism in the island of Naxos. Next, the Scientific Team of “Eurostia”, Mr. Thomas Bakodimos and Mrs. Anna Papageorgiou presented the Planetary Med Gastronomy project (PMG) and talked about eating habits that have a particularly large “ecological footprint”. Executive chef Tolis Tasos, the Ambassador of Greek Gastronomy mr. Miltos Karoumbas and chef Giannis Linas spoke about ways to reduce the food waste in kitchens and at the program ended with executive chef Alexandros Patrinos from Food Concept Catering from Zakynthos, showcasing recipes with pasta made by vegetables.

Post show – Sunday 13 February

Dietary patterns in metabolic diseases and the dominance of the Mediterranean diet were at the center of the workshop by clinical dietitian Dr. Harry Demosthenopoulos and executive chef of “Laiko” hospital, Nikos Kouroupis Agalou, on the 3rd day of Gatronomy Forum. Dr. Michael Toanoglou, Professor of Tourism – Hotel Studies at the Jeonju University of S. Korea analyzed the issue of Agri-Food chain and sustainable destinations, while executive chef Dimitris Papadopoulos from RandezVous Catering and executive chef Panagiotis Giannarios highlighted the importance of using techniques and materials that can form a sustainable menu.

Moreover, General Secretary of the Panhellenic Association of Nutritionists of Greece, Mr. Panagiotis Varagiannis and executive chef Vangelis Bilimbas analyzed the evolution from the Pythagorean Diet to veganism, while executive chef Stavros Psomopoulos spoke about sustainability and green practices in the Greek Hotel industry.

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Tassos Protopsaltis (President of Chef’s Club), Dr. Harris Demosthenopoulos, Nikos Kouroupis Agalou

Thanasis Gialouris (Vice President FORUM SA), Sofia Dimakopoulou (Axiotissa)

Tassos Protopsaltis (President of Chef’s Club), Giannis Gavalas (Araklia)

 Tassos Protopsaltis (President of Chef’s Club), Vangelis Bilimbas (Aphrodite), Thanassis Gialouris (FORUM SA)

Snapshot from the the awards ceremony for “Best gastronomic destinations-Restaurants 2022”

One of the gastronomic creations of the event

Manolis Hiras, Tassos Protopsaltis

Tassos Protopsaltis, Giannarakos Panagiotis

One of the gastronomic creations of the event


The 3rd day of the Gastronomy Forum closed with the Ceremony of the awards for the “Best gastronomic destinations-Restaurants” for 2022. During the ceremony, restaurants from different regions of Greece, that support sustainable gastronomy were honored. Sofia Dimakopoulou was awarded for “Axiotissa” in Naxos. Then Giannis Gavalas was awarded for “Araklia” on the small island of Heraklion, who said he was excited about the price and said characteristically: “It takes madness and stubbornness to operate a restaurant on such a small island, but the joy of a guest is the greater reward “.Finally, Vangelis Bilimbas received an award for “Aphrodite” in Samos, which this year closes 30 years of operation: “We made a great effort in a place that has spent a lot in recent years. We continue to insist on local traditional products “. The awards were given by the Vice President of FORUM SA, Mr. Thanasis Gialouris.

Post show – Saturday 12 February

Waste Management in catering businesses was presented, on the 2nd day of the Gastronomy Forum, by representatives of the Panhellenic Association of Catering Equipment Companies, Christos Sokolis (Food business consultant), Nikos Sagris (Restaurant owner), Alexandros Theodoridis (Co-Founder & Manager of “Boroume”), as well as Lila Karapostoli. Elpida Galanopoulou, General Secretary of the Hellenic Society of Coeliac’s and Nikos Kouroupis Agalou, Executive Chef at “Laiko” Hospital, analyzed the advantages of a gluten free diet and how a chef can present innovative gluten free recipes in the menu of a restaurant, while Margarita Ikariou, Head of Marketing & Communication of EOS Samos presented the “Green” muscat wine, followed by wine pairing ideas by executive chefs Evangelos Bilimbas and Aslanis Panterlis. Τhen, the Executive Chef Dimitris Bellos proposed a menu based on the seasonality of the materials and Dimitris Vassiliou, presented the project “LOCAL & BRAND NAMES”.Τhe project which is powered by the Panhellenic Hoteliers Federation and “AuthenticGreece”, is based on joint actions for the promotion of Hotels, Destinations and Producers – using as a “vehicle” selected branded local products.

Christos Sokolis (Food business consultant), Nikos Sagris (Restaurant owner), Alexandros Theodoridis (Co-Founder & Manager of “Boroume”)

One of the gastronomic creations presented

Also, executive chef Alexandros Dramaliotis revealed how we can make the most of veganism in mass catering, while Panagiotis Bourtsouklis spoke about Ecological Fermentation. Finally, Executive Chef Giannis Baxevanis presented recipes with materials with great cooking “history” but modern chefs nowadays don’t apply them at the menus of their restaurants. The presentation attended the distinguished French chef Jerome Serres, who has been awarded three Michelin stars.

Tassos Protopsaltis (President of the Greek Chefs Club), Executive Chef Alexandros Dramaliotis

HORECA Gastronomy Forum

Nikos Kouroupis Agalou (Clinical Cook Laiko), Executive chef Rigas Konstantinos

Post show – Friday 11 February

The 1st day of the Gastronomy Forum started with the greeting of the President and the Board of the Chefs’ Club of Greece and the presentation of the program. Organic crops in Greece were then at the center of the speech of organic farmer Giannis Melos. Executive Chef George Grammatikopoulos analyzed the modern methods and innovations which can be adapted to Greek traditional recipes, while Vicky Barboka, Head of Sustainable Nutrition Programs for WWF highlighted the program “Hotel Kitchen – Food has value here”. Then, Christos Amantos, Executive Chef of AIROTEL Group presented ideas for sustainable menus that can be adapted in hotel kitchens.

During the day, Panagiotis Bourtsouklis analyzed the new trend of omophagy, its cooking methods and menu adaptation tips, while Giannis Koufadis, Executive Pastry Chef spoke about the use of seasonal ingredients in confectionery.

Executive chef Panagiotis Bourtsouklis

 Executive Chef George Grammatikopoulos

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