10-13 FEB 2023

Metropolitan Expo Greece

10-13 February 2023


Commercial effectiveness at its peak

15th HORECA was characterized by a significant increase in quality visitors, which means a maximization of business deals.

Throughout its fifteen-year course, HORECA has always had a key feature: the achievement of deals – at a huge rate for exhibition standards- both during the exhibition and in the period directly after its completion thanks to the resulting leads.

So, during this years event also, the exhibitors’ commercial expectations were confirmed, as, according to their statements and the general optimism that prevailed in their stands, they made many and important successful deals. The fact that, according to them- and confirmed by the data processing of all visitors who passed through the exhibition gates across the four days of the event- there was a huge increase in the number of decision makers who wanted to buy products and services both on Friday and Monday, compared to last year, has led to an increase in business deals.

The attendance of owners and executives from major hotel units, restaurants, bars, cafes, and bakeries was strong across the four days of the show. This upgraded quality of the general presence of visitors was a key factor in achieving the commercial objectives that led to the general satisfaction of exhibitors for their participation. The more experienced exhibitors, taking into account the deals and leads as well as the number of decision makers they talked to, are expecting final deals to double within the next 6 months, compared to the previous year.

The certainty of the majority of exhibitors that they will participate in the 16th HORECA is indicative of the satisfaction and anticipation of further deals and confirms that the event is a constant value.

Significant commercial gain for exhibitors

In a sample survey of 250 HORECA 2020 exhibitors conducted by the polling and research company ALCO on behalf of FORUM S.A., 88% of the exhibitors reported significant commercial gain as a result of their participation.The findings of the survey confirm HORECA as the largest and most important trade show for the provisioning and equipping of Hospitality and Foodservice companies in Greece.

98% of exhibitors expect to close business deals within the next six months

As the results of the survey show, HORECA continues to enjoy the trust of enterprises aiming to expand their customer base (74%) and commercial activities (41%), to strengthen their company’s position (62%) and to introduce new products (44%). More specifically, 89% of exhibitors declare themselves satisfied to completely satisfied with their participation, while an oustanding 98% expect to close deals within six months of the trade show.  Notably, more than half of the participants (58%) closed their first business deals during the four days of HORECA 2020.

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