07-10 February 2025


Visitors thrilled with the exhibition and the exhibitors

The decision makers of the Hotel and Foodservice industry said goodbye to 15th HORECA with the best impressions.

550 Exhibitors – the most important and biggest suppliers and caterers of Hotel units and Foodservice establishments– had a strong presence at the 15th HORECA, enabling thousands of visitors to discover a wealth of products and services for upgrading and developing their business under one roof.

The thousands of professionals – owners and executives of hotel units, restaurants, bars, cafes, bakeries that visited this year’s event – were impressed by the range of options offered to them for every need of their business. Indeed, when asked by our team of reporters in the exhibition, visitors declared their excitement about the services and products offered. This is because the show offered many different options to cover all needs, preferences or affordability. Another highlight that the guests pointed out was the quality and variety of lectures and workshops presented at the special events. People’s attendance in the Business Lab was indicative and speakers declared their excitement about the welcome their presentations received which is a significant indicator of the sector businessmen’ willingness for information, evolution and investment.

Most visitors even admitted that they are already looking forward for the 16th event to find even more updated suggestions or get new ideas that could lead their businesses into the future.

Excellent ratings!

For this year’s event too, we used the Private Review terminals, placing them at both entrances to the exhibition and at the special events stages, to record visitors’ satisfaction for the exhibition as a whole as well as for the special events. 8% of the visitors gave their ratings for the 15th HORECA voluntarily, which translates into a very reliable sample. 88% of participants expressed a positive view for the exhibition as a whole. The Special events received 92% of positive reviews. The Business Lab was crowned the unofficial champion with an unreal 98% of positive reviews, closely followed by the Beer & Spirits with 97%. The Gastronomy Forum received 90% positive reviews while Coffee Events 88%!

96% of visitors were satisfied from their visit at the trade show

Notably, 92% of visitors were decision makers as they were either business owners or top executives, while 98% found the products and services they were looking for. Of those, 69% had attended the previous exhibition and 98% said they would be attending HORECA 2020.

Equally interesting are the other findings of the survey, which highlight the exhibition’s commercial role. More specifically, 38% of visitors closed deals with exhibitors over the four days of the event, while 77% anticipated entering into new business deals within six months of it.

Good organization was the main reason most attendees gave for being satisfied, and 89% believed that HORECA 2020 was as good as or better than it was in 2019. Overall, the percentage of satisfied visitors reached an impressive 96%.

In conclusion, what emerges from the findings of the survey is that visitors consider HORECA a top exhibition given that it fulfills virtually all of their business requirements and needs.

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