7-10 FEB 2020

Metropolitan Expo Greece

7-10 February 2020


Thousands of high profile visitors!

All modern trends and developments for hotels and mass catering have been “starring” in 14th HORECA, confirming its significant role in improving our country’s tourism infrastructure.

For four consecutive days, 14th HORECA was a vibrant trading forum, where 550 exhibitors had the opportunity to do only a lot of contacts, of such quality and quantity as they would go any further than communicating with customers and potential customers. For their part, the thousands of hospitality professionals who flooded the Halls of the exhibition expressed their absolute satisfaction with the volume, variety, quality and innovation of the exhibits, but were also impressed by the original ideas and interesting proposals presented in special events.

For one more year, an increased turnout of hoteliers and entrepreneurs from the cafeteria market, chiefly executives, reflects the obvious business and investment interest that exists for these industries, thus confirming that HORECA responds to the real needs of the two main pillars of the Greek economy: Tourism and Catering and is a key “helper” in the development and promotion of the Greek tourist product. The 14th HORECA, with an incredibly high-profile professional audience, gathered thousands of professionals within four days, proved to be the most important commercial forum in our country and confirmed for another year that it is one of the few reports that can be proven to guarantee the realization of the goals and the commercial success of its exhibitors.

Exhibitors and exhibitors won the best impressions of visitors

In order to further enhance its services to exhibitors and visitors, HORECA has also implemented this year’s innovative digital self-measuring system for the satisfaction of the Joint Private Review. In total, more than 7,500 visitors to the exhibition (a multiple of the sample that usually uses a conventional survey with questionnaires) expressed their opinion on HORECA on the special machines that were placed in the exits and the central corridor of the exhibition center. According to the measurements, 87% of HORECA’s visitors expressed their excitement or satisfaction with their visit to the exhibition, rewarding the high organizational level and the even presence of the exhibitors themselves. Finally, an equally impressive 88% – was the percentage of visitors who were satisfied with the program of parallel events they attended during their visit to HORECA.

From left to right: The members of the board of HCH, Mr. Alexandros Vasilikos- President of HCH.

Massivity is the arrival of hoteliers from all over the country at the 8th Annual General Meeting of the CEO.

With the unprecedented participation of more than 1,000 hoteliers, the 8th Annual General Meeting of the Greek Chamber of Commerce in HORECA 2019 took place. The Annual General Meeting took place on Friday, February 8, during which the President of the Hellenic Parliament, Alexandros Vassilikos, referred to vision and strategy of the IEE, underlining that “Keeping Greek Tourism high is the big challenge ahead of us.”

They have the interest of visitors to the special events!

Hundreds of professionals from every corner of Greece filled the premises of the 14th HORECA parallel events that covered every aspect of modern gastronomy, cafeterias and digital marketing. From early in the morning to the closing of the exhibition, hundreds of visitors flocked to the specially designed spaces of parallel events to watch the HORECA 2019 thematic program of events with unparalleled interest. Contests, seminars, interactive shows, live cooking shows and exciting happenings the interest of business visitors for another year!

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