8-11 FEB 2019

Metropolitan Expo Greece

8-11 February 2019


Web Hotel

All the international modern trends of digital hoteling

Once again, Digital Hoteling goes under the microscope of HORECA 2019, where all of its aspects will be investigated, analyzed and presented, through the “WEB HOTEL” special event.

The leading, and oldest event in Greece, in the field of digital hotel technologies. The global digital developments, trends, tools, products and innovations that apply to the hotel industry and are the backbone of modern hotel sales, marketing and organization, will be discussed and presented by a team of Greek and international experts. For four days, the specially designed stage of the “WEB HOTEL”—surrounded by exhibitors and the leading Digital companies active in Greece—will host lectures, panel discussions, presentations, keynote speeches and case studies on all matters that concern Greek hoteliers.

1. Panel discussion on direct reservations during HORECA 2018 2. From left to right: D. Serifis, Ch. Georgiadou, P. Leontopoulos and D. Mantzios at the panel on Distribution Channels – ΟΤΑ’S- METASEARCH, that took place during last year’s HORECA.

Themes that provide practical solutions and ideas

The main themes that will be analyzed and presented at the “WEB HOTEL” are online sales, reservations, digital presence, promotion, advertising, distribution channels, social media, state-of-the-art digital tools and computerization & logistics solutions. All the international modern trends in digital hoteling will be presented in world-renowned lectures, and specialists will conduct educational talks and present solutions, from A to Z, on specialized topics, and answer all questions asked by professionals.

The program of Web Hotel is divided into autonomous themes, which will start with panel discussions and evolve with specialized speeches.


  • Modern Web Sites for Hotels. Architecture, design, content, cost, etc. are the main elements that will be analyzed by experts, who will provide solutions and good practices, but also all the modern trends.
  • Direct Reservations. The hotel’s ultimate demand, the direct bookings from his hotel site, will be put into the microscope by the dedicated speakers who will reveal secret and digital tools. The same subject will be given instructions for proper pricing and yielding.
  • The Digital Channels through which a large amount of hotel room reservations are currently made, as well as the latest Strategies of OTA’s, will be mapped in detail. In addition, special emphasis will be placed on contracts and ways of working well with hoteliers.
  • Advertising and Promotion in all digital media, their capabilities, yields and costs, as well as the modern way of managing them, will be presented in a separate unity.
  • The reviews and comments that hotels receive on the various digital media will be put into the microscope of the Web Hotel’s dedicated speakers, presenting the right way to manage them, their importance and the ways of exploiting them.
  • All modern digital tools and applications that help the internal operation of the hotel and enhance the customer experience as well as all the solutions of modern IT and IT will be presented by the representatives of the largest companies of our country and internationally.
  • Hotel Management in its new era, as well as outsourcing, is the new domain that will enrich the program of “WEB HOTEL”, and will essentially help owners of small hotel accommodation and rented rooms.
  • The Food service and its transition to the Digital Age is another new addition to the Web Hotel program, which will focus on all those digital tools that help restaurants improve their performance, display and access new clientele.
  • There will also be educational speeches, presentations, case studies, from the biggest professionals in the field and representatives of companies, on specialized issues that concern the Greek hotelier, while all the key questions will be answered.

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