7-10 FEB 2020

Metropolitan Expo Greece

7-10 February 2020


Web Hotel

The digital future of hotels

Digital sales and sales channels, digital advertising and marketing, good pricing and social media in the tourism industry were analyzed during the special event.

Digital advertising and marketing, good pricing, and social media in the tourism industry, digital sales and sales channels, among others, were the dominant themes in a four-day full of talks and presentations within the Web Hotel special event During the forum, industry’s representatives analyzed important issues, gave their own estimates and briefed on the latest developments in the ever-changing tourism industry.

At the same time, intelligent ways of attracting customers to the hotel site were analyzed, and also techniques and modern technologies that help the hotelier to manage his bookings were presented. Travelers’ tendency to now control prices in all sales channels before making a reservation occupied the speakers who stressed the need for a price balance. The big issue of OTA`s contracts and what hoteliers have to pay attention to, attracted the great interest of the participants.

Left: D.Serifis, V. Matsas, G. Koutsopoulos, Right: Thomas Philippos of Protergia

In another subject, the modern digital advertising map has been analyzed, as well as the ways to approach specific ones by using new tools and channels. AdWords, Bloggers, e-mail marketing and newsletters, were key components of the speeches while at the same time all modern trends in social networks and how they can be used correctly by hoteliers, were analyzed.

The computerization of hotels, mobile apps and chatbots were mapped in a series of speeches in order to give a clear picture of the benefits that a company can enjoy from their use.

Optimization of the site, as well as the use of Wi-Fi for Direct Digital Marketing and higher ratings on the relevant platforms were also presented. Representatives of Protergia, in a key note speech, have developed the important topic “Energy as a Tool for Hotel Upgrading”. Of great interest was also the topic about Hotel Reservation & Management, during which were analyzed all the reasons that it is worth giving your hotel management to a related company.

Left: G. Konstantinidis of Hellenic Technologies, Right: D. Stathopoulos, A. Damigos, G. Yannakakis, A. Sfyridis

The digital tools for the restaurants entered the microscope of Web hotel

Web Hotel’s fourth and last day was launched with presentations about the modern digital presence of the hotel, with particular emphasis on websites and their full content. In the same context, the need for a modern design and architecture of the hotel website was developed, and also the need for an automated content management system and price display. The four-day forum continued with speeches about story-building around the hotel, good photography, analytics, and online developments in the hotel product through the tools of Google’s technology giant. In a separate section, a lot of experts made mentions about the basic digital tools and the right use of social media in order for restaurant to attract more clients, and a last the management of the reviews, were analyzed also.

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