7-10 FEB 2020

Metropolitan Expo Greece

7-10 February 2020


Greek Breakfast by the HCH

Starring... the Greek local products

The Hellenic Chamber of Hotels will serve Greek Breakfast at the 15th HORECA, continuing this major initiative to support the Greek tourist product.

HORECA 2020 visitors will have the opportunity to taste genuine Greek products in the specially designed Greek Breakfast Pavilion. This inspirational venture of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, which already counts 1,074 member-hotels, links the country’s gastronomic wealth to the tourist experience. This action promotes the gastronomic heritage of each place as it has been designed to distinguish products and specialties from each region. Each hotel that will participate in this innovative program will bears the official stamp-certification of the HCH.

In practice, the HCH will present in HORECA the reasons why the Greek Breakfast should be established at the tables of every accommodation in the country, regardless of their category. The aim is to inform all hoteliers about the program and the benefits from participating in it so that even more tourist businesses can join in. Thus, more and more visitors will be able to enjoy the different gastronomic experience, and by extension, the ideal Greek hospitality. A fact that could be nothing but beneficial for the country’s tourism industry.
In this context, the products of each place, their culinary possibilities, their nutritional values, as well as many suggestions will be presented in the pavilion of the Greek Breakfast. Moreover, distinguished chefs will cook traditional recipes from each area, showing to the hoteliers the option to offer to their hotel guests more than a different culinary experience that will contribute to a different hospitality experience in general.

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