8-11 FEB 2019

Metropolitan Expo Greece

8-11 February 2019


Gastronomy Forum

Greek cuisine as a culinary destination

With the central message “New Greek cuisine as a lever for the development of the national tourist product”, Gastronomy Forum will be one of the most important gastronomic events in the industry for one more year.

At a time when gastronomic tourism is gaining more and more ground and Greek cuisine is evolving and entering dynamically in the service of Greek tourism, the top event concerning the future of gastronomy, Gastronomy Forum, will show to the businessmen of the food service industry the way they can evolve their businesses and lead them to success. Famous Greek and foreign chefs through impressive masterclasses and interesting presentations will showcase Greek cuisine as a culinary destination. Also, with a rich daily schedule of presentations and live cooking shows, Gastronomy Forum intends to analyze once again all the key issues concerning the modern professional, while giving useful guidance on how a business can cope with intense competition, listening to the demands of the public and constantly changing. So, with support of the Chefs Club of Greece, Gastronomy Forum will become a reference meeting point for once again for the chefs, F & B managers and every professional of the Mass Catering in general.

1. Greek celebrity chef Yiannis Baxevanis presented creative dishes using herbs and spices of the Greek land 2. Ε. Bilibas, chef at Aphrodite Garden Restaurant, cooked with algae.

New techniques will be presented

Gastronomy is changing. Cooking evolves and professionals are invited to anticipate developments, always remaining in touch with the modern face of their art. Gastronomy Forum, having at the core of its philosophy the respect of the cook’s profession, guides the latter in advances, always setting as a primary objective the provision of high quality dishes, both in taste and nutritional value. From this point of view, each thematic section of the event will be of a primarily educational nature, with the main concern to be to always keeping the chefs in touch with the essence of cooking art.

1. New techniques and original culinary suggestions were presented at the HORECA 2018 Gastronomy Forum. 2. Chef P. Bourtzouklis was one of the distinguished chefs who cooked at the stage of the Gastronomy Forum during the 13th HORECA.

The thematics of the Gastronomy Forum are as follows:

Gastrotourism destinations in Greece

  • Selene Experience – Santorini
  • Boutari Winery
  • Gastronomy courses in Rethymno’s Court
  • Keartisanal at Tzia Island

How can a city or island become a culinary destination

Discussion panel with speakers from SETE, EOT, International Gourmet Tourism Association, Greek Academy of Flavors.

Gastronomic Identity - Local Products & Producers

The identity that gives to the tourist a gastronomic experience and how they contribute to making a place a tourist destination.

  • Presentation of the particularities of each local kitchen
  • Developing a menu using seasonal local products

The new global trends in gastronomy

They are filtered and assimilated, offering delights to the most demanding gourmets.

Right the wrongs

Let’s fix our mistakes for a good result.

  • Panels, talks and presentations on the quality of food, service and also an othe ways we can communicate our product to the tourists.

``Greek Breakfast``

How it can link the gastronomic wealth of our country with the experience of the hotel visitor.

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