7-10 FEB 2020

Metropolitan Expo Greece

7-10 February 2020


Coffee Events

Huge turnout at the Coffee Events!

The Coffee Events, organized by HORECA 2019 and Snack and Coffee Magazine, were very successful all the four days of the show and became a hot spot for the coffee specialists and experts.

The rich and revised Coffee Events at HORECA 2019 attracted the interest of the visitors and specially of those who attented them. All the four days of the show, workshops, seminars, presentations and conversation panels welcomed professionals from every part of Greece who had the opportunity to learn about new trends, watch special technics and get informed about every evolution in coffee sector.

On Friday, February 8, a crowd gatheredto attend the seminar by George Moraitis of Maui Gourmet on “Arabica Vs Robusta”, where he analyzed the characteristics of each variety and their profile in the final cup. The workshop of Michael Karagiannis, World Champion in Latte Art, who shared his knowledge by presenting smart ideas and showed original latte designs, amazed the audience. Last was the “Specialty Coffee panel: Myths and Truths”, where Kostas Kalafatas of Samba Cafe, Kostas Dalakouras of Coffee Republic and Taf Stefanos Chamberlain gave the definition of coffee specialty, noting the importance of the product and provided services in spreading coffee culture.

Left: Presentation of the research on coffee consumption habits by K. Panagopoulos of ALCO, Right: A moment from SCA Hellas contests at the Coffee Events stage

On Saturday, Feb. 9, the speaker for Jacobs Douwe Egberts about “Freddo Espresso”, Vasilis Deliligkas analyzed the making procedure and shared tips for perfection. The highlight of the day, as expected, was the panel in which ALCO’s CEO, Costas Panagopoulos, presented the exclusive research for  Snack & Coffee Magazine “The Consumer Behavior of the Greeks in Coffee”. The participants in the panel were, Yiannis Apostolopoulos (CEO SCA), Kostas Kalafatas (Coordinator SCA Greece), Niovi Kallergi (Director of Marketing & Communication at Kafea Terra), Tatiani Kambioti (Business Executive Officer Nestlé Professional της Nestlé Hellas SA) and Dionysis Moustis Possibilities in Lavazza). In the findings of the survey, the almost universal prevalence of coffee compared to other beverages, the high position of traditional greek coffee in the public’s preference, the experiential relationship of the Greeks with coffee and the possibility of new players in the market. All the guests spoke about the importance of the findings, they claimed satisfied by the greek coffee market numbers and toned the importance of high quality products.

Left: A. Sangozidis of Eurogat, Right: S. Korrettas from TAF

The following day, Sunday 10 February, all the seminars were full of people but the one that stood out was the presentation by Panayiotis Bafis’s of Bafis & Partners Architects, a partner of SEEME, on the organization of the Barista post. With useful examples and references to case studies of successful businesses, the Rapporteur proposed new solutions for maximum performance in terms of ergonomics and commercial effectiveness of the job while the public actively participated in wanting even more data to make the best possible use of their business premises.Later on the same day, the discussion panel of “Social Media: How to succeed” with Eftichia Drakou (Communication Manager of Gregory’s), Zoe Mouchritsa (COM of Nelios) και Demi Martiadi (Owner and Communication manager of the cafe Peace of mind) had as subject the right and και efficient use of social media in the coffee market as well as the hidden traps by solving questions set by the audience and providing examples of success.

Left: Eleni Manika, Editor in chief of Snack & Coffee Magazine, N. Martiadis (Peace of mind), E. Danakou (Grigoris) and G. Muchritsa (Nelios), during the panel for social media & coffee shops, Right: P. Bafis, designer and collaborator of SEEME

The last day of the exhibition, Monday 11 February, was dedicated to Greek traditional coffee, tea and chocolate drinks. The presentation and workshop of I. Yialousis Ltd with Kostas Tsakonas and Alexis Es Surreifi on Twisted Chocolate Drinks (with wine, espresso and juice) became a pole of attraction for professionals who have invested in the dynamics of chocolate. Finally, in the panel on Greek coffee and the modern challenges, Panagiotis Haskos, Giannis Dritsas and Manthos Archontakis agreed on the “return” of the greek traditional coffee to the preferences of the consumers, noted the possibilities of diversification offered, suggested ideas for its launch into more young target groups and underlined and the need to become a competitive product for foreign markets.

Left: D. Papaioannou analyzes the new trend of coffee cocktails, Right: G. Moraitis of Maui Gourmet

Tremendous success for the Greek National SCA Championships!

The Championships that were organized for another year by SCA Greece during the HORECA 2019 exhibition were of great public appeal!
On Friday, February 8, the procedure began with the semifinal of the Barist championship where 8 top barista players competed for a place in the final of Monday. The six finalists Nikos Bourbakis, Michalis Dimitrakopoulos, Konstantinos Iatridis, Konstantinos Spanos, Nikos Paraskevopoulos and Giorgos Moraitis distinguished themselves for their excellent technique and their high level.

Left:The winners of the Cezve / Ibrik D. Karabas (1st), A. Demetriadou (2nd) and S. Alexopoulos (3rd), Right: The winners of Coffee in Good Spirtis, 1st Manos Mamakis, 2nd Savvas Petroutsos, 3rd Dimitris Baigoussis

Next was the impressive Coffee In Good Spirits competition that took place on the Coffee Events scene on Saturday, February 9th, where a crowd of people shared the anxiety of the seven participants. After the judges’ evaluation, Dimitris Baigkousis won the third place, Savvas Petroutsos second, while Manos Mamakis was the greek champion for the third consecutive year and will represent Greece at the CIGS Worldwide Competition in Boston.

Left: The winners of the Brewers Cup, K. Komninakis (1st), G. Delichristos (2nd) and E. Daskalopoulou (3rd), Right: The winners of the Barista Championship M. Dimitrakopoulos (1st), K. Iatridis (2nd) K. Spanos (3rd).

On Sunday, February 10, the anxiety of the six finalists of the Brewer Championship came to an end. The winners of the first round of SCA Greece for 2019 held in January gave their best on stage for the title of the Greek champion, which Konstantinos Komninakis finally won, who will travel in April to Boston, representing Greece at the World Brewers Cup. Yorgos Delichristos emerged in the second and Eirini Daskalopoulou in the third place. At the same day, once again the jury and the audicence were impressed with the creations of the contestants in the final round of Latte Art. The champion was Christos Duvas, who will be confronted world-wide in June in Berlin, Dimitris Boukouris took second place, while Dimitris Chronopoulos took third place.

The National Championships held at HORECA were completed in the afternoon of Monday, February 11, with the final of the Barista Championship where the high level and outstanding presentations stood out. Michalis Dimitrakopoulos won the title, while the second and third place were won by Konstantinos Iatridis and Konstantinos Spanos. The Barista global contest will take place in April in Boston.

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