7-10 FEB 2020

Metropolitan Expo Greece

7-10 February 2020


Business Lab

A new era for tourism businesses

At a time when Greek tourism is experiencing tremendous growth, while competition in the sector has created demanding expectations, the HORECA Business Lab will provide all necessary information to industry professionals.

With a main focus on education and training for those working in the Hospitality and Foodservice sectors, the 15th HORECA trade show is launching the Business Lab: a special event during which specific issues related to the integrated and effective digital presence of tourism enterprises as well as the organization and management of hotel units and catering services in an efficient and effective way, will be developed and presented. The objective of the event’s comprehensive program is to provide all the necessary knowledge, skills and competences a modern entrepreneur needs in order to cope with the increased demands of the management of tourism businesses.

Digital developments on the table

Global digital developments, trends, tools, products and innovations for the hospitality industry, making up the backbone of the modern way of selling, marketing and organizing hotels, will be put on the table by a team of Greek and international specialists. Speeches, panel discussions, case studies and a wide range of related topics will be presented at the specially-designed stage of the Business Lab. Experts will focus on issues such as online sales/bookings, websites, social media management, promotion and advertising, distribution channels, state-of-the-art digital tools for hotels, computerization and ERP systems.

Effective administration and management

Technology may be necessary, but the essence still is real life, proper business management and organization. That is where the concept of business coaching comes in; a concept which is targeted at hoteliers and Ho.Re.Ca sector managers, seeking to increase productivity by reducing the time and effort required by various tasks. Recruitment, evaluation, management and personnel training, space management (from hall to kitchen), marketing, public relations, sales in existing and new clientele, payments, financial planning, optimization of production process, quality control and investments are only some of the issues affecting a well-informed entrepreneur. Renowned, experienced executives as well as management specialists will attend the HORECA Business Lab, in order to help, in their own way, Greek tourism entrepreneurship.

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