7-10 FEB 2020

Metropolitan Expo Greece

7-10 February 2020


Beer & Spirits Show

Cocktails & trends… from the industry’s top bartenders

The special event that has become an institution and every year steals the show will once again have a special and prominent place at HORECA 2020. Top bartenders, trends and proposals, techniques, expertise and competitions will dominate the most “intoxicating” stage.

Top bartenders from Greece and abroad, representatives of major brands of the Greek and world markets, bar owners and many other prominent professionals of the sector will parade on the stage of the Beer & Spirits show to share their knowledge and experiences. The professional visitors of the show who will come to the special event presentations will have the opportunity to taste and learn about the spirits and the effective management and administration of their business.

Innovations, trends and proposals from experts

The Beer & Spirits Show of the 15th HORECA will be revamped and enhanced to meet the modern standards. With the bar culture now extending to the entire range of Hospitality and the quality of drinks and services increasingly gaining every consumer, from the cocktail bar to the most casual beach bars, proper information is imperative. That is why the program will cover a wide range of topics, which will include: bar management, staff management, basic principles of proper operation, proposals for original cocktails, new trends and innovative techniques. Also important will be the presentation of successful case studies by Greek businessmen who managed to establish their bars as the core of the developments in the sector in Greece and abroad and to distinguish themselves in the sector while creating new trends.

Pan-Hellenic competitions of the HBG

The major talents of bartending will shine in the HORECA 2020 through successful competitions. In particular, the stage of the Beer & Spirits Show will host the Panhellenic Championships of the Hellenic Bartenders Association, through which will emerge the new talents in the fine art of cocktail making. The categories in which the cocktail makers will compete are as follows: 8Th Pan-Hellenic Greek Cocktail Championship, 10th Panhellenic Non Alcohol Cocktail Championship, 25th Panhellenic Classic Cocktail Championship. A special place will also be given to Flair Bartending with the juggling skills of the participants reminding us of Brian Flanagan and the legendary “Cocktail” of 1988.

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