11-14 FEB 2022

Metropolitan Expo Greece

11-14 February 2022


Beer & Spirits Show

Trends, techniques & championships were the “stars” of the stage

Impressive workshops, original ideas and dynamic encounters kept the public’s interest unabated on the Beer & Spirits stage throughout the four days of the show.

Thousands of bartending professionals gave a loud presence on the stage of Hall 1 across the show’s four days. The new developments, innovative products and global trends were the key topics of the presentations and live workshops. At the same time, top bartenders, bar managers, representatives of major brands in the spirits industry from Greece and abroad analyzed the leading trends of the global bartending scene.

HORECA 2020 - Diego Salmi & Norbert Schock (Mixer Professional cocktail)

Diego Salmi & Norbert Schock (Mixer Professional cocktail)

Από αριστερά: Αγάπη Πετροπούλου, Αλέξανδρος Τσελέπης, Κωνσταντίνος Θεοδωρακόπουλος,  Διονύσης Ζαφειρόπουλος (Granikal)

Left to right: Agapi Petropoulou, Alexandros Tselepis, Konstantinos Theodorakopoulos, Dionysis Zafiropoulos (Granikal)

Top market representatives presented the global trends

All presentations and demonstrations won the audience’s applause. Of course, some of them were the highlights of the event. What stole the show was the very interesting presentation of Constantine Ristanis from the Spitaki Cocktail bar who gave all the necessary tips, ideas, and guidelines that business owners and bartenders must follow to create an original, impressive cocktail menu that will give an identity to the store and will cover most tastes. Eleftherios Chanialidis, the Best Greek Sommelier for 2020, also got on the stage to talk about enhanced sweet wines. Another interesting speech was that of Agapi Petropoulou, Alexandros Tselepis, Konstantinos Theodorakopoulos and Dionysis Zafiropoulos, all of them Brand ambassadors of Granikal’s products, where they thoroughly analyzed and made suggestions as to the rising trend of aperitifs.

Από αριστερά: Παναγιώτης Καναβέτας, Παναγιώτης Κανατσούλης

Left to right: Panagiotis Kanavetas, Panagiotis Kanatsoulis

Από αριστερά: Άρης Χατζηαντωνίου (Momix bar), Amedeo Pantone (The bars)

Left to right: Aris Hadjiantoniou (Momix bar), Amedeo Pantone (The bars)

Interesting suggestions & new techniques

Bartender Dimitris Papaioannou’s masterclass on “Modern bar & Culinary Arts” showed us new ways of developing flavor through modern and innovative techniques that contribute to a unique culinary experience in the end product. Also, sommelier, wine instructor and drinks editor Giovanna Lykou talked about wine saying that it is more than just an alcoholic drink, a food, a commodity.

Από αριστερά: Άρης Χατζηαντωνίου (Momix bar), Amedeo Pantone (The bars)

Konstantinos Ristannis (Spitaki cocktail bar)

Από αριστερά: Άρης Χατζηαντωνίου (Momix bar), Amedeo Pantone (The bars)

Left to right: Anestis Zamanopoulos, Panagiotis Fragkos (Metaxa)

Innovation and the next day for the bartending scene

Alexandros Gkikopoulos presented O/purist, a dynamic project of 10 leading Greek bartenders (Marfi Bali, Christos Chouseas, Alexandros Gkikopoulos, Kostas Ignatiadis, Dimitris Kiakos, Aris Makris, Giannis Petris, Thodoris Pyrillos, Thanos Prounarous, Nikos Tachmatzis) who had the vision to produce a new tsipouro, a fine distillate for the modern bar scene and the basis for creating exquisite signature cocktails.  Amedeo Pantone, European Sales Manager of The Bar tools, and Aris Chatziantoniou, elaborated on another very interesting topic regarding the legislation that deals with bar tools’ contact with food as well as the European certifications required for bar tools.  One of the most important highlights was the award given to the premium artisanal refreshments Three Cents by HORECA, for their contribution to the sector’s evolution as well as for managing to create a product that entered most bars in Greece and abroad. The award was given by the Commercial Director of the organizing company Mr. Thanassis Panagoulias to the co-owners of Three Cents Dimitris Dafopoulos and Giorgos Tsirikos.

Αλέξανδρος Γκικόπουλος (Tsaknakis Premium brands)

Alexandros Gkikopoulos (Tsaknakis Premium brands)

Από αριστερά: Αχιλλέας Καραουλάνης, Θανάσης Παναγούλιας (FORUM SA), Φυρίκος Γιώργος & Δημήτρης Νταφόπουλος (Three Cents)

Left to right: Achilleas Karaoulanis, Thanassis Panagoulias (FORUM SA), Giorgos Tsrikos & Dimitris Dafopoulos (Three Cents)

The top bartenders for 2020

The new great bartending talents shone once again through the successful cocktail championships. Specifically, in the three of the four days of the exhibition the stage of the “Beer & Spirits Show” hosted the Panhellenic Cocktail Championships of the Hellenic Bartenders Association, featuring the bartenders who will promote the high art of cocktails in the future and shape developments and trends in the domestic bar scene. The categories in which they competed are: 8th Pan-Hellenic Greek Cocktail Championship, 10th Panhellenic Non Alcohol Cocktail Championship, 25th Panhellenic Classic Cocktail Championship, and 16th Panhellenic Flair Bartending Championship. The winners will represent Greece in the respective upcoming world championship in Saint-Petersburg. See details about the winners, their statements and photos here.

The winners of the 10th Panhellenic Competition of Non Alcoholic Cocktail (from left to right): Theodoros Lampousis (2nd), Dimitris Patsouras (1st), Panagiotis Andriopoulos (3rd)

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