10-13 FEB 2023

Metropolitan Expo Greece

10-13 February 2023


Beer & Spirits Show

It’s cocktail time at HORECA 2022

The top bartending event returned renewed at HORECA 2022! Well-known bartenders presented innovative products and global trends, while top competitions took place for 4 days.

Greece’s top bartenders met once again at HORECA 2022, the event that sets the trends in the world of cocktails. Leading bartenders, representatives of Greek and foreign brands, bar owners and renowned professionals shared their knowledge and experiences on the stage of Beer & Spirits show located at Hall 1. At the same time, the Panhellenic Competitions of the Hellenic Bartenders Association were held during the event.

Post show – Monday 14 February

The 4th and last day of the Beer & Spirits Show started with Konstantinos Lazarakis MW, WSPC Education presenting the theme Wine, spirits & beverages: Staff training at the all day café bar. During his speech he referred to the fact that for a business that belongs to the field of entertainment, employees play a crucial role, as they come in direct contact with customers. All the staff, from the waiter, the barista / barman, the person in the reception, are the representatives of the store, which makes their training necessary. Every employee who come in contact with the customers can contribute to the good image of the business, to its success or even to its failure. Finally, he presented the criteria that every employer must follow regarding the choice of training for each employee, such as his business needs, employee experience, etc.

Alexandros Previstas & Sakis Stoilis (ALEXANDRION)

Ioannis Vidras & Katerina Filippidou (Coca Cola Hellas)

Then, Sakis Stoilis and Alexandros Previstas from ALEXANDRION Wine & Spirits presented the new trend of Non Alcoholic Drinks. Starting from the growing global trend for non-alcoholic drinks, the two experienced bartenders talked about the importance of creativity and ingenuity in making low and zero-alcohol servings that have nothing to envy in composition and taste from a standard cocktail. Finally, Mixologist Aris Hatziantoniou and chef Stamatis Tsilias, discussed what we define as bar food, how we formulate a proper menu for the bar, which cocktails are best combined with finger food. Last but not least, Ioannis Vidras, Ho.Re.Ca Agile Lead CocaCola Hellas and Katerina Filippidou,Head Of Strategy MSPS presented a very interesting survey about the ho.re.ca industry’s trends.

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Vasiliki Karapanou (Eurogat), Theodoros Lampousis (1st place Non alcoholic cocktail), Eleni Manika (Editor in chief of Snack & Coffee)

Michalis Makris (3rd place Non alcoholic cocktail), Dina Nikolitsi (2nd place Non alcoholic cocktail), Theodoros Lampousis (1st place Non alcoholic cocktail), Dimitris Zappas (President of EME), Thanasis Gialouris (Vice President of FORUM SA), Eleni Manika Snack & Coffee Editor in chief )

Representatives of Koe cafe bar (3rd place Battle of the bars), Aris Hatziantoniou (member of the jury)

Representatives of Puerto bar (2nd place Battle of the bars), Aris Hatziantoniou (member of the jury)

Vassiliki Karapanou (Eurogat), Representatives of Amsterdam bar (1st place Battle of the bars)

Michalis Makris (3rd place Non alcoholic cocktail), Theodoros Lampousis (1st place Non alcoholic cocktail), Dina Nikolitsi (2nd place Non alcoholic cocktail)


Today, Beer & Spirits ended with the 11th Non-Alcohol Classic Cocktail Competition, with winners Theodoros Lampousis in first place, Dina Nikolitsi in second and Michalis Makris in third place and the 1st Battle of the bars Competition, with winners the Amsterdam bar in first place, the Puerto Bar in second and the Koe Cafe bar in third place.

Post show – Sunday 13 February  

The 3rd day of Beer & Spirits started with Sommelier Vassilis Papadopoulos presenting the necessary wine list that an all-day café bar must have in order to offer a complete experience to its customer. Then, Panagiotis Kanavetas from Sky Spirits and Panos Kanatsoulis from Mr. Fox the bar referred to the very important issue of zero waste cocktail. Specifically, they said that due to the huge waste that is made in the preparation of cocktails both in Greece and abroad, bars have begun to establish “sustainable bartending”, limiting transportation by preferring local products and preparing their own ingredients from scratch.

 George Dendrakis (Corporate Bar Manager Hersonissos Group Hotels, 3ΣΙΓΜΑ)

Benjamin Aivazidis, Agapi Petropoulou, Akis Papageorgiou (Granikal)

With the theme “The Bitter Project” George Dendrakis, Corporate Bar Manager Hersonissos Group Hotels, 3SIGMA took the stage while the experienced bartenders Benjamin Aivazidi, Akis Papageorgiou and Agapi Petropoulou from the company Granikal, spoke about the trend of aperitivo. They also suggested some cocktail recipes, which are ideal choices for early and after office drinks.

Today, the 26th Classic Cocktail Competition took place. The winners are: Stathis Chalkias in first place, Kousaridas Efthymis in second and Panagiotis Pallis in third place. Also, Panos Fotiadis received an award for Best Technique – Training, an award for relationship name – cocktail was given to Alexandros Finos and an award for Newer Participation was received by Ipatios Kerasidis.

Dimitris Zappas, Panagiotis Pallis, Stathis Chalkias, Thanasis Gialouris, Nafsika Mouzakiti

Highlight from the award ceremony

Post show – Saturday 12 February

The 2nd day of Beer & Spirits started with Sophocles Panagiotou of Septem, George Petrou from Pinios Brewery and Manolis Chloridis from Ftelos Brewery, who presented the trends and dynamics of Microbrewery industry in Greece. During their discussion they mentioned the fact that micro-brewing is a constantly growing industry as new breweries are created throughout Greece, with great dynamics. They also referred to the new trends and challenges faced by such a company in terms of production and distributing networks. “When the beer met the cocktails” was the topic analyzed by Mixologist Dimitris Papaioannou and beer expert Paul Emmanouilidis. They mentioned the fact that beer cocktails are evolving into a new source of inspiration for bartenders, as it offers a cool mood of bubbles and enriches the overall taste result.

Eleni Manika (Snack & Coffee magazine), Sophocles Panagiotou (Septem), George Petrou (Piniou Brewery), Manolis Chloridis (Ftelos Brewery)

Vassilis Fasoulas, Elpida Antonopoulou, Elias Givisis (Barro Negro Athens)

Then, beer expert Paul Emmanouilidis and chef Giannis Stanitsas, talked about the unbeaten duo: Beer & Greek tapas, a nice idea to be added to a bar menu which aims to give more options to the customer. Finally, Elpida Antonopoulou, Elias Givisis, Vassilis Fasoulas from No74 Best bar in the world, Barro Negro Athens, analyzed the opportunities and challenges of a thematic bar. The Beer & Spirits Show was coordinated by Eleni Manika, Snack & Coffee Editor in Chief.

Today, the 9th Greek Cocktail Competition by the Hellenic Bartenders Association took place and the winners are: Thanasis Konstantinou (first place), Theodore Lampousis (second place) and Dina Nikolitsi (third place).

The winners of the 9th Greek Cocktail Competition Theodoros Lampousis, Thanassis Konstantinou, Dina Nikolitsi

Giorgio Fadda (President ΙΒΑ), Theodoros Lampousis, Dina Nikolitsi, Thanassis Konstantinou, Thanasis Gialouris (Vice president FORUM SA)

Post show – Friday 11 February

The 1st day of Beer & Spirits started with Haris Giakoumatos from Butterfly bar, revealing the different faces of the all-day café. Then the champion in the Coffee and Good Spirits category at the 2020 Panhellenic Coffee Championship, Christos Klouvatos made a very interesting presentation about Brunch Cocktails, the new favorite habit which is gaining more and more ground and which more and more bars are adding to their cocktail list.

Alexandros Sourbatis, Whiskey Expert from Tsaknakis Bros company, spoke about the crucial role of sugars in the whiskey production process. Then, Panagiotis Panagiotatos and Panagiotis Frangos from WS KAROULIAS referred to the Greek spirits which are gaining more and more ground in our country as well as worldwide and suggested unique ideas for cocktails based on Greek spirits.

HORECA Beer & Spirits Show

Eleni Manika, Haris Giakoumatos

HORECA Beer & Spirits Show

Christos Klouvatos

The modern techniques and innovative ideas in creating a cocktail were presented by the mixologist Dimitris Papaioannou while Nikolas Smyrlakis from the company Sip it and Panagiotis Ntafalias from the bar “The Oldies” revealed the advantages and disadvantages in adding cocktail delivery in your bar’s services. At the end of the 1st day Aris Sklavenitis, Sommelier and Giannis Tsikoudakis, Chef at Oinoscent Wine bar spoke about the topic of Food & Wine pairing. Specifically, they said that the absolute success of wine & food pairing comes when the wine we drink complements our food tastefully but at the same time highlights its most special characteristics. The Beer & Spirits Show was coordinated by Eleni Manika, Editor-in-Chief of Snack & Coffee magazine.

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