7-10 FEB 2020

Metropolitan Expo Greece

7-10 February 2020


Beer Day

The world of beer at HORECA 2020

Following the great success of the first event, Beer Day, targeted at the beer culture will be once again hosted at HORECA during the Beer and Spirits Show.

Beer Day, the popular event that “embraces” the multiple sides of beer industry and its culture in general from the production, history, nutritional value, till the packaging and ways of serving will win the attention of the professionals of the foodservice industry, for one more year. During this special event organized by the Hellenic Association of Brewers, professionals will have the opportunity to learn even more aspects and innovations that are expected to dominate the market.

It is a fact that the development of Greek brewing has been rapid in recent years, both quantitatively and qualitatively. At the same time, more and more consumers tend to prefer Greek beers while their demands grow constantly. Therefore, during Beer Day, a rich program with targeted thematic issues will be presented in order to cover every aspect of beer, from production to serving (let’s not forget that each beer has its own peculiarities). Presentations and workshops from beer experts about producing, bottling, storing and also about the trends in the Greek and world beer market are some of the chapters that will gain the interest of the sector’s professionals

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