7-10 FEB 2020

Metropolitan Expo Greece

7-10 February 2020


Beer and Spirits Show

The global trends of bartending ... on stage!

The Beer & Spirits Show program, fully upgraded, with more and more targeted presentations, demonstrations and workshops, has kept the audience’s interest up to speed.

In an atmosphere of excitement, the Beer and Spirits Show of 14th HORECA, with thousands of visiting professionals in the cafeteria and the bar, was celebrated in four days. New developments, innovative products and global trends have played a leading part during the presentations and live workshops. At the same time, top bartenders, bar managers, representatives of large brands of alcoholic beverages from Greece and abroad, through specialized and targeted speeches, analyzed the trends that dominate the global bartending scene. They also provided solutions and advice to the promising young entrepreneurs and the older ones, as well as some constructive discussions on the future of the industry took place.

Left: Constantine Tsatsos talked about the new trend of aperitivo, Right: Vassilis Kyritsis of The Clumsies bar

Experts & presentations that gain the audience

All the presentations and demonstrations gained the audience’s applause, as the crowd of visitors who watched them praised the quality of the speakers. Amongst the presentations that stood out was when Konstantinos Rostynis, owner of the Spitaki Cocktail Bar from Ioannina, revealed to us how he managed to distinguish a district bar in Greece worldwide. Also, Nikos Triantafyllou and Thanos Kribouras presented the new trend of Nolo (non-alcoholic and low alcoholic cocktails) which gains more and more ground in the bartending scene worldwide. Also, Alexandros Gikopoulos made an interesting speech about the complexity of Jamaican rum. Finally, a remarkable moment of the event was when Vassilis Kyritsis, one of the owners of the no7 bar in the world on the list of World’s 50 Best Bars, The Clumsies, went on stage and talked about the way to the top. While at the same time he took an honorary award by the representatives of the exhibition. Another highlight with international “air” was the presentation of the Rum & Tiki expert, Oriol Elias, who introduced the audience to the magic of tiki culture.

Left: Oriol Elias, introduced us to tiki culture, Right: Alexandros Gikopoulos analyzed the complexity of the Jamaican rum

The new champions of... cocktails at HORECA!

For one more year, the show hosted the national cocktail tournaments organized by Hellenic barmen association. The 1st place at the 9th Panhellenic non-alcoholic cocktail competition was taken by Panagiotis Gikarakis, while Dimitris Patsouras and Konstantinos Athanassiou took 2nd and 3rd place. In the 24th Pan-Hellenic Classic Cocktail contest, the winners were: Angelos Paquios (1st place), Giorgos Chronis (2nd place) and Maria Vagenas (3rd place). Finally, the 7th Panhellenic Greek Cocktail Competition was held, where the winners were: Nikolaos Konstantinidis, Christos Agortsas and Alexandros Haidousis.

Left: The winners of the 9th Pan-Hellenic Non Alcoholic Cocktail Championship, Right: A moment from the Greek Cocktail Championship

For another year, the Beer & Spirits Show has “proved” to be an important platform for the bartending industry, as through its rich program professionals were given the necessary “tools” to evolve their business and the bartenders came in contact with the knowledge to improve themselves as professionals.

Left: The winners of the 7th Pan-Hellenic Greek Cocktail Championship with Yannis Koltsios, HLHR Chairman, Pepe Dioni, President of the International Bartender Association and Thanasis Gialouris, Vice-President of FORUM. Right: The winners of the 24th Pan-Hellenic Classik Cocktail Championship.

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